Common Sense

Cavuto: Fast food, debt limit more in common than you think

Each tries to do the right thing by caving in


You know, fast food and fast hiking the debt limit have more in common than you think.

Fast food's an easy way to get money.

And hiking our nation's credit line is an easy way to print money.

Neither requires much thought.

And clearly, neither requires sacrifice.

Hitting up fast food for money takes the attention off politicians and what they're doing with our money.

Hitting up our debt limit takes the burden off those politicians to stop spending so much of our money.

They're both about money.

Stealing it.

Abusing it.

Repeating it.

Again and again and again.

Just like they're both about finding villains.

Ronald McDonald if he doesn't pay up.

And Republicans if they even think of shutting anything down.

It's what makes fast food guys hire lawyers.

And Republicans hire image consultants.

Both buffeted by polls saying they must tread carefully.

So McDonald's tries to play it down the middle and offer salads and yogurt, hoping that calms the savage suing beast, but to little avail.

And Republicans cave on budget deals and debt ceiling battles, hoping that makes them seem less beastly, but to no avail.

Each tries to do the right thing, hoping by caving, they're winning.

But here's the thing about caving.

Whether you're a fast food restaurant that wants to keep the food police at bay.

Or a nervous Republican who wants to keep the mainstream media attacks at bay.

They'll still attack you. Because they will always hate you.

Because they've seen you blink. And they've seen you sweat.

So they figure you'll settle in some way, some day.

Either with cash up front.

Or your very soul down the drain.

That's what happens when you compromise your principles.

Pretty soon, they have your number, and you have no principles.

And no business. And no party.

So either fast food hangs tough on this nonsense.

And Republicans stop doing this nonsense.

Or both will be fried.