Common Sense

Cavuto: You don't solve your fix by giving more of a fix

Tough times call for tough choices.

This trillion-dollar farm bill?

Someone, anyone, show me the tough choices!

I kind of drew the line at the catfish.

But don't you find any of this fishy?

And now, using the same old arguments for automatically hiking the debt ceiling, even more fishy?

No, we gotta do it. But no one stops to ask, why the heck we keep doing it

Limping from increase to increase in our lines of credit as if we were doing lines of coke.

And yet in the eyes of the mainstream media, it's the ones who say -- stop this nonsense -- who are high as a kite.

And those who say, keep it going, who are the ones grounded in reality.

The ones who say, you haven't lost your job, you've been liberated from your job.

That you haven't lost your healthcare, you're transitioning from your healthcare.

If only I had known this back when I was in high school.

All those girls who turned me down for the junior prom weren't dumping me, they were liberating me! To what? Taking my mother?

Strange world, this new world.

Where food stamps are stimulus.

And taxes are now just revenues.

Where we don't spend, we invest.

Only in America can you rip those who dare say the emperor has no clothes.

And commend those who nakedly steal us blind!

I'm not for shutting down government. Although I will point out it's not the end of the world when we have.

What I am for is ending this merry-go-round that triggers this repetitive, idiotic behavior.

That's the behavior that gets our credit downgraded.

That's the attitude that drives us deeper into debt.

That's the conduct that devalues our principles, every bit as much as it devalues our dollar.

That's what's offensive.

That's what's wrong.

Not attaching meaningful measures to an increase in the debt ceiling.

Not bothering to try!

Because you don't solve your fix, giving yourself a little more of a fix.

Or a little more time to presumably get over that fix.

You're only in a deeper fix.

Take it from a dieter who's good at saying, tomorrow.

Tomorrow is here.

Fat chance anyone in Washington knows or cares.