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Bill O'Reilly: Handling the truth

Talking Points 2/7


By Bill O'Reilly

Well, this has been a very interesting week on "The Factor" as the whole country continues to digest my interview with President Obama last Sunday. And if you believe me, and I hope you do, all I was trying to get at was the truth.

But as you know some Americans have trouble with that.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Colonel Johnson did you order the code red?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You don't have to answer that question.

JACK NICHOLSON, ACTOR: I'll answer the question. You want answers?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think I'm entitled.

NICHOLSON: You want answers?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I want the truth.

NICHOLSON: You can't handle the truth.


O'REILLY: Well, not to overdo the word but it is true that some people cannot handle the truth. There are a number of important things being debated in America right now. So tonight let's cut through the fog.

On immigration the Republican Party now says it will not try to get reform this year. That's a mistake; 68 percent of Americans according to a new Fox News poll want the federal government to develop an immigration policy that allows some kind of pathway to citizenship for the undocumented; 68 percent.

So the truth is, Republicans are hurting themselves by continuing to dodge the issue.

On the subject of Obamacare, despite the President believing the new law is functioning better, the truth is, it's still chaos.

As I mentioned to the President according to a recent A.P. poll only eight percent of people actually using the Obamacare Web site say it's running very well. Nobody knows about the future but right now the healthcare law hurting more Americans than it's helping.

How about the IRS situation? The truth is that the powerful agency did target conservative group to scrutiny. The IRS did misuse its power. But the President doesn't believe that even though the evidence is overwhelming.

On Iran, the Obama administration is doing the right thing. The truth is if you do you not engage the Mullahs, they will develop the nuke anyway and cause more trouble along the way. So the compromise with Iran is slowing down the nuke development and possibly getting that country to behave like a civilized nation. It's worth a try.

On Benghazi, Libya, the truth is that powers that be in Washington did not control the situation before, during or after. Did the President participate in a cover up? We don't know. Will we find out? I believe we will.

And finally on social justice and poverty, the truth is brutal. Ten percent of Americans will always be poor because they are irresponsible in a variety of ways; five percent of the population is poor through no fault of their own and those people should be helped.

But continuing to develop a nanny state as USA is doing, by providing cradle to grave entitlements are not going to help poor. Some of them will abuse the entitlements they are given. Some will settle for the minimum.

The New Testament quotes Jesus as saying "The poor, you will always have with you." It doesn't mean we should not try to help the poor, but it does mean we should have discipline in the process. And that's the truth. And that's "The Memo."