What's really behind 'Bridgegate'?

Karl Rove on the mainstream media's obsession with Chris Christie


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O'REILLY: "Factor Follow-up Segment" tonight. It's hard to believe but MSNBC and other committed liberal outlets continue to hammer New Jersey Governor Chris Christie almost every night even though there is nothing really new in the traffic scandal story. So why are they doing this?

Joining us from Austin, Texas, Fox News analyst Karl Rove. You know, they are getting little ratings bump over there but -- and it's surprising because it's just night after night after night. There is nothing new. They are on a jihad against Christie. Why? Why are they wasting all the time?

KARL ROVE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, don't look just at MSNBC. They are the tool. They -- look back behind them and you will see a lot of Democrats, particularly those concerned about 2016, who are doing this for two reasons.

One is because they think they have to and the second because they can. They have to because they look at Christie and say he, at the time that this broke was the frontrunner on the Republican side and in many polls was tied or ahead of Hillary Clinton.

So they are worried about him. And their object is to tear him down. And by tearing him down they send a message to any other Republican if you are coming after us, this is the kind of treatment you can expect from us.

They are doing it because they can because they have a willing media to help them. Not just MSNBC.

But this has taken up a lot of new -- a lot of attention in the national media which is headquartered in New York. And which, some of -- some of whose members did not like the fact that he won re-election in a nearby state by a big margin as a Republican and as a conservative and so you know, they can and so they will go after him.

O'REILLY: Ok. But it is a big story if it can be proven that the Governor lied to the people and I understand that. And we're covering it here on that basis. But there isn't anything coming out. I mean there are these charges that are unsubstantiated made by people who want to plea out, you know, they say all right, we might give you something if you don't charge me for this. But it seems to me that there is something personal. I mean, I know the Democratic Party wants to win. All political parties want to win.

But there is a personal element to the Christie thing that I think is almost unique. Do you see that?

ROVE: Well of course they are upset about it. Look New Jersey the Garden State is a deep -- not the purple state -- It's a deep blue state. And so Christie wins the governor's race. And then wins re-election last fall and wins convincingly by a big margin right in their backyard.

I mean remember the people we're talking about who dictate these stories are the producers and the editors and the talent in places like the MSNBC but also about the "New York Times" and the national networks and they most of them live in the greater New York area. And they share a mindset and for them it's --


O'REILLY: You know --

ROVE: -- for them it's well, look, think about it. Think about the attention. The governor of Oregon, Kitzhaber not a bad guy, wasted $200 million in a Web site for the Oregon exchanges which does not work and has not signed up anybody. Has the national media given that any attention?

O'REILLY: Not many -- zero.

ROVE: The governor of Colorado -- the governor of Colorado had this issue where the Chuck-e-cheese killer, this -- this guy who killed people in a -- in a pizza parlor that serves mostly kids was due to be executed and the Governor punted on it saying I'm going to basically kick this down so that the Governor that follows me in five years is going to have to make this decision. The national media gave it 10 seconds and that was it.

So look, Christie is a political figure. He is a Republican who is clearly interested in being a presidential candidate. He is ambitious, which is a problem for him. It's made him a higher profile and a larger target for them to go after. And they want to take him down before he gets --

O'REILLY: And plus he's got that avenger quality to him that he is much more outspoken than most politicians.

All right. I just wanted to get, you know, the demeanor question. You know, you worked for President Bush for many years and the White House. Was I mean to President Obama or cruel or heartless or any of that?

ROVE: Yes. Look. I thought -- I thought your tone was -- I agree with Dana. Your tone was good. I thought -- I thought, you know, really the more interesting tone was the President's tone -- his demeanor. He was petulant. He was thin skinned. You asked him questions that were tough but fair. And his response was to get really petty and personal.

Remember in the debate when -- when he said well, Hillary, they like you well enough. I mean this guy spent too much time on the basketball court smack talking his opponents because at one point he said oh yes these are fake things. They are really -- nobody is really paying attention except you people at Fox and I like you anyway, Bill. I mean that was like smack talking yes you make a big three pointer --

O'REILLY: I didn't take it that way.

ROVE: Well but you know what? I do.

O'REILLY: I don't think, I think as you said we are more annoying to him than anything else. That's how I just took it you might be right. I mean --

ROVE: He is thin-skinned. He is thin-skinned. You were focused on the job at hand. He was saying to himself every single second why am I on with this network with this jerk and being petulant about it.

O'REILLY: I didn't know you -- I didn't know you could read minds like that. That's a very good skill to have as a political analyst.

ROVE: And you know what? And you know what? Some of your thoughts are very, very scary, Bill. Very, very scary.

O'REILLY: All right Karl Rove, everybody.

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