Grapevine: Victoria Nuland learns embarrassing lesson?

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Diplomatic Imprudently

It would seem to be a rule of diplomacy:-- don't get caught-- cursing the group you are trying to work with.

In what appears to be a private phone conversation-- Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland discusses options for mending relations-- between the government and protesters in Ukraine.

She tells the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine-- it quote-- 

"Would be great--  to help glue this thing and to have the U.N. help glue it."
"And you know-- F the EU "

The State Department will not confirm-- it is Nuland's voice on the recording-- but it says she has called the European Union-- to apologize.

And a State Department spokeswoman told reporters--  Nuland worked on a Russian fishing boat when she was younger-- and perhaps learned salty language-- there.

Sincerest Form of Flattery?

If imitation really is-- the sincerest form of flattery--  President Obama has a fan-- in Iran's President-- Hassan Rouhani.

Yesterday Rouhani announced his plan-- to roll out expanded health care.

He tweeted--
"Gov will extend medical insurance to all Iranians. First step will be to cover 5 million uninsured Iranians by the social safety net. #RouhaniCare."

It didn't take long-- for RouhaniCare to start trending on Twitter.

"If you like your nuclear program, you can keep it!"

And-- "no question will there be death panels"

The Right to Be Kids

Finally-- Florida lawmakers are considering a bill that would give kids the right-- to play cops and robbers.

The measure would prohibit schools from punishing students-- for pretending to have a gun.

Among the offenses that have resulted in suspensions in the past-- that this bill would allow:

--using your fingers to simulate a weapon-

--drawing a picture of a firearm--

--And brandishing a partially- consumed pastry-- that you've eaten into the shape of a gun.