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Cavuto: Farm bill is 'rotten to the core'

Rip out the pork or we're all going to pay through the nose


Forget all this snow hitting a lot of us.

Focus on the snow job that's going to hit all of us.

Because something they're bundling up in Washington.

Is going to cost taxpayers long after all that snow is gone.

Welcome, everybody, I'm Neil Cavuto.

And Fox on top of the real flakes pushing something that seems as American as apple pie, which is a good thing, because the farm bill covers apples too.

But I'm telling you, this farm bill is rotten to the core.

And they either rip out the pork, no pun intended here or we're all going pay through the nose!

I'm departing from form, to get this off my chest, so bear with me so I can explain what I'm talking about here:

Senate just passing a $956 billion farm bill that covers 949 pages.

A billion bucks a page. And over the next ten years, it covers a lot of stuff that has nothing to do with covering farmers. And everything to do with a bipartisan dash for our cash:

For example:

--$2 million for sheep production and marketing. How do you market sheep?

--$3 million to create a board to promote Christmas trees. Don't they kind of sell themselves?

--$17 million for a catfish oversight program, to ensure states where catfish are big, earn a profit every year. Hey, I know a lot of small biz guys who'd love the same profit guarantee!

--$44 million for peanut crop insurance. Not exactly peanuts.

--$86 million for organic food research. What the hell are they researching?

--$1 billion, that's billion with a "b," for a cotton income protection plan, which means it's literally going cost you that cotton shirt off your back!

Throw in millions more in new grants for the domestic maple syrup industry, and the olive oil industry.

And priority crop insurance consideration for rice growers and sugarcane growers...and alfalfa growers and coffee plant growers and you start to wonder who isn't a priority grower.

Then there are carve-outs for poultry producers and livestock producers, for that cotton industry and wool industry and citrus industry.

For Tyson's Food, Pilgrim's Pride, Riceland Foods 200 million bucks for something called, the Market Access Program, that chiefly benefits companies like McDonald's and Fruit of the Loom.

How is it that these companies that make money hand over fist, need a government hand?

All pricey decorations crammed onto a nearly trillion-dollar political Christmas tree, that, wouldn't you know it, conveniently includes a 15-cent tax on freshly cut Christmas trees to market Christmas trees!

You can't make this stuff up.

I'm not saying we don't help farmers.

We just better look out for taxpayers.

Because this isn't farm aid.

This is Washington on the spending Kool-Aid.

Leaving aside we don't have the money to do this, do we really need to do all of this?

Don't get me wrong.

I love catfish, but there's something fishy about spending 17 million to inspect catfish. I suspect we'll conclude in the end, "Yep, they're catfish all right."

Look, I'm being funny, but to make a point. On that catfish thing, no less than citizens against government waste noted it already duplicates a similar program at the FDA and it's already spent 20 million bucks over four years without inspecting a single fish!

Now on a fish scale of one-to-ten isn't that a little over the top?

Just like spending billions after billions year after year on this kind of stuff misses the point. And misses helping those who really need the help.

This isn't a piggy bank, this is piggy. And the politicians pimping these programs are pigs.

And don't you dare insult farmers saying you're looking out for them.

You're looking out for yourselves.

And like those pigs you apparently love, happily feeding at the trough. And sticking us with the filthy tab!

Williams is with the taxpayer protection alliance.

And David, you say these little piggies, should just go home?