Off the Record

Greta: 'Throw-up Friday' - a week of politicians who make us sick

'Off the Record', 1/31/14: From a cocaine-buying Fla. congressman finally resigning to a NY lawmaker threatening a reporter to crack-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford being 'tickled,' it's been a nauseating week for leaders


By Greta Van Susteren

Let's go just "Off the Record" for just a minute. Have you heard of "Throwback Thursday" when you post old pics on social media? How about a "Throw-up Friday" when we look back at the week and talk about the politicians who might have made us a bit sick.

First on Monday, the October cocaine-buying Congressman from Florida resigned, better late than never. What took so long? He did make us wait. On Tuesday, we get a political bully, Congressman Michael Grimm, caught on tape threatening to throw a reporter over a balcony.


REP. MICHAEL GRIMM, R-NY: Let me be clear here, if you do that to me again --

MICHAEL SCOTTO, NY1 REPORTER: Why? Why? It's a valid question.



Nice? Then Thursday, it goes from bully to bizarre. Of all politicians, disgraced politician, Anthony Weiner, of selfie and texting fame, giving Congressman Grimm public relations advice. Now that's priceless!

But then, not wanting to leave our neighbors out of the week's review, check out this picture - cocaine-snorting Toronto Mayor Rob Ford getting "tickled" by the city's budget chief.

And you think all this is bad? Well, here is something worse. We pick these politicians. We are the ones who voted them. What were we thinking? That's my "Off the Record" comment tonight. If you have an important story or issue you think I should take "Off the Record," go to and tell us about it.