Off the Record

Greta: Is there a war on women in the Democratic Party?

'Off the Record', 1/17/14: Republicans boast 4 female governors; Democrats have only one. So which party is really waging a war on women?


By Greta Van Susteren

Let's all go "Off the Record" for just a minute. What's up with this? Where are all the Democratic women? Is this a new war on women?

I was doing some research on an unrelated issue and somehow have come across these facts. There are currently, out of 50 states, four Republican women governors: Governor Susanna Martinez of New Mexico, Governor Mary Fallen of Oklahoma, Governor Nikki Hailey of South Carolina and Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona. But for Democrats, there is only one woman Democratic governor, Governor Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire.

So 8 percent of governors are Republican women, not a huge percentage. That's not much, but certainly not as dismal as Democrats. It's only a lousy 2 percent for the Democratic Party. A warning to Democrats, pick up the pace. Republicans are going to hammer you with that war on women mantra inside your own party.

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