Off the Record

Greta: Congress would rather cry boo-hoo than fix problems

'Off the Record', 1/15/14: Ever think members of Congress are from another planet? Rather than fix the system, they feed into a perpetual cycle of screw jobs


By Greta Van Susteren

OK, let's all go "Off the Record" for just a minute. Yes, I was back on Twitter again today and came across some tweets from Massachusetts Democratic Congressman Jim McGovern. He was tweeting about the $1 trillion omnibus spending bill in the GOP-controlled House. Congressman McGovern tweeted, "This is a 1,500 page bill that just came to us less than 24 hours ago. No one has had time to read it."

My first thought about complaining about no time to read: Boo-hoo! Big tears from me.

This is the same Republican complaint when the Democrats controlled the House and the Democrats dumped on Republicans that 2,500 page ObamaCare bill with no time to read it. Just like the Democrats now, the Republicans were all fussed up about that, and, yes, oh boo-hoo for them then.

Well, there is more, Congressman McGovern tweeted a second tweet, this time tweeting, "GOP is using a space bill to rocket this over to the Senate. No wonder people think we are operating on another planet." Another planet? He is right about that. We do think they are all from another planet. They do the same thing to each other and make the same complaints about each other and nothing changes. It is rather insane, isn't it?

The members of Congress are the only ones in position to each fix this, not us. Members of Congress would rather keep doing it to each other, crying boo-hoo, rather than fix it so they can do their jobs well for us. Now that's messed up and yes, from another plant.

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