Grapevine: Home field advantage for Seahawk ticket sales

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

A New Twist

Our top story today was Iran taunting the U.S. over the sanctions negotiations.

Now an Iranian news agency is making some other accusations about the U.S. and they are interesting.

The Washington Post writes, Fars -- which describes itself as Iran's leading independent news agency -- claims documents leaked by Edward Snowden provide -- quote -- "Incontrovertible proof that an alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda is driving U.S. domestic and international policy."

One Washington Post blogger wrote that while the story is entertaining and filled with bizarre conspiracy theories -- quote -- "This is a reminder of how some hard-liners see the world."

Home Field Advantage

If you live in California, don't even bother trying to buy tickets from the Seattle Seahawks website for this weekend's conference championship game with the San Francisco 49ers.

The Seahawks are invoking the small-business owner's decree, allowing them to refuse service to anyone -- in this case fans who have a billing address in California.

The site is selling only to states near the Pacific Northwest and West coast -- as well as two Canadian provinces -- but not the home of their opponent.

California residents can still get tickets by going to secondary markets usually at higher prices.

Take It to the Court

Now for the latest example of a crazy lawsuit -- this time in Oregon.

A man serving a 100-year prison sentence wants $100 million from Nike.

A pimp from Portland -- it sounds like a limerick but it's not -- was found guilty of second-degree assault for kicking and stomping a business associate.

The pimp blames Nike for not warning consumers that the shoes can be dangerous weapons.

It seems that enhances the prison sentence.

Besides the financial benefit, the pimp wants warning labels to be added to all merchandise in the future.

Nike has no comment.