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Cavuto: The skinny on a healthier lifestyle

Neil's 'food for thought'


How are you folks doing on those resolutions you made for this year?

I'm told the most popular of them is losing weight.

Guess a lot of people are fat. I wouldn't know.

But maybe my McDonalds-only-eating guest yesterday found the trick.

Apparently it's not what you eat.

It's how much you eat.

Turns out that dude in "Super Size Me" who got himself sick eating nothing but quarter-pounders and french fries got it all wrong.

He didn't vary it up.

Turns out John Cisna did.

The Iowa science teacher telling me

It's not rocket science.

It's calories in. And calories out.

And he didn't come up with the strategy on his own. His students did; limiting him to 2,000 calories a day, and sticking to the daily recommended allowances for proteins and carbohydrates.

That meant watching what he ate, even if he only ate it at the Golden Arches.

For example, Egg White Delight McMuffins and a bowl of fruit and maple oatmeal in the morning, a salad for lunch, and maybe a traditional Big Mac Value Meal later in the day.

Not two Value Meals. Not three Big Macs. Not four orders of fries.

Everything in moderation. Each day. All days. Walking 45 minutes every day.

For about 90 days.

John lost 37 pounds doing this and brought his cholesterol down to 170 from 249 doing this.

I guess none of this should be too surprising.

We are after all, what we eat.

And if, like director Morgan Spurlock, we supersize ourselves on nothing but the bad stuff, we're gonna get a lot of bad stuff.

But if we limit ourselves to just some of that stuff, and balance it out with other stuff then try to work off that stuff well, we won't look so stuffed.

Now, I don't need this advice, of course, but I pass it along, suspecting some of you, might.

Food for thought.

The skinny on a healthier lifestyle?

One bite at a time.

Make it a small bite.

But give it time.