Talking Points

Greg Gutfeld: The 'Duck Dynasty' fiasco

Talking Points 12/23


By Greg Gutfeld

Right now businesses are figuring out how to handle their relationship with "Duck Dynasty". Do they cater to their customers or do they bend to the activists. And what of Phil Robertson's views on homosexuality? Does it really matter?

Seriously if you think homosexuality is an evil sin where do you go with that re-education, repression, acceptance? That's the point. Robertson never linked his opinions to actions. He said what he felt, not what the world should do. And there is a difference.

Look we all know Phil with his views and most know gay and straight people who find these beliefs ignorant. Either way we are in this boat together, i.e., earth. So let's deal with these differences unsavory or not.

And remember smearing any group right left or whatever creates something edgier than equality. It's an exemption from civilization. If you see short people as vermin why should short people bother, I'll just move to Middle Earth where I'm loved but acceptance creates an expectation of decency for everybody. It's about getting a seat at that table which all of us sinners deserve, a welcoming place among family which is a nice thing around the holidays.

And that's "The Memo."