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Greta: A&E is in a hypocrisy class all by itself

'Off the Record', 12/20/13: A&E loved 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson's outrageousness when they were able to cash in on big ratings. Now they're running for the hills and showing their cowardice


By Greta Van Susteren

Let's go "Off the Record" just for a minute. First, it's impossible to get through life, maybe even a day without each of us being a hypocrite about something. I know, I catch myself, too, being one. There is being ordinary hypocrite and then there is A&E.

A&E's hypocrisy is a class all its own. They are in that jaw-dropping kind. A&E network executives are so phony. They now are scandalized by "Duck Dynasty's" Phil Robertson's comments to a "G.Q." reporter. Really? A&E is suddenly just now scandalized and so horrified that it is ditching the First Amendment?

Well, A&E is so lame. A&E has known about this for years because Robertson has been saying those same things for years. You can even get on YouTube on A&E computers just like on your laptop at home. They knew about it. A&E knew all about Robertson. Now that A&E is getting heat for what Robertson has been saying for years, A&E is running for the hills rather than standing up for the First Amendment.

A&E is cowering and trying to pull a fast one on all of us. Pretending that they just learned about Robertson's views and they find his views so appalling that they are suspending him. That is a fantasy.

Now here is the truth. "Duck Dynasty" gets big ratings, and A&E likes the big cash that comes with big ratings. So they never cared what Robertson said as long as he kept high ratings. You know that and, of course, A&E knows that. A&E executives must think we are all stupid with their phony reaction now. But in that holiday spirit, if you are charitable towards A&E executives and you think, well, maybe they have re-thought Robertson's statements and now they have a change of heart, even to the point where they think good manners trumps the First Amendment, well, think again.

A&E just did five hours of programming of "Duck Dynasty" last night, two days after the controversy erupted. And they are planning a "Duck Dynasty" marathon this Sunday. A&E scandalized? No, that's the money.

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