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Are taxpayers owed a refund for ObamaCare site?

As security concerns over HealthCare.gov continue, should contractors who botched site's launch pay back the American people?


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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in the hot seat again, this time under fire from the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Representative Marsha Blackburn grilling the HHS secretary so what did she find out? Representative Blackburn joins us. Nice to see you.

REP. MARSHA BLACKBURN, R-TENN.: Good to see you.

VAN SUSTEREN: First of all, what did you want? What information and did you get it?

BLACKBURN: Well, one of the things I wanted to know is how much money have we spent? She has spent a little over $324 million on this web site, but she has obligated $677 million.

VAN SUSTEREN: We have to pay it no matter what?

BLACKBURN: That's right. That what's under contract and Greta, here's the thing. That goes through October 31st of this year. That doesn't include all the clean-up that started November 1st. So we're going to be pushing a billion dollars on this.

VAN SUSTEREN: Who's been monitoring this? I mean, first of all who picked this contract? Who's been monitoring the outlay and who in the first place said that they could have this kind of money to spend? Who's taking care of this?

BLACKBURN: She is the one that said that she's in charge.

VAN SUSTEREN: Where did she get the money from Congress?

BLACKBURN: She got it through appropriations. They have reprogrammed and put money together and they have all of this under contract. This is when they run over the budgets and now she's decided to call on the inspector general to investigate her and to investigate this contracting process. And I ask her point-blank, I said are you going to make these contractors pay that money back? It's taxpayer money. She kind of hemmed and didn't want to answer that one.

VAN SUSTEREN: This whole idea of contracts in Washington, it's defense department or anybody, is the most incredible -- I mean, what the American taxpayers are subjected to is just beyond. There's no policing. There's no sense of discipline and billions and billions of dollars.

BLACKBURN: They keep running up these bills and then -- see, we started the due diligence and oversight on this whole process back in March of 2011. Every time they came to us, whether it was the contractor, Sebelius, whoever, everything is on track.

VAN SUSTEREN: Subpoena documents. Put them under oath. You subpoena them for the documents and then when they show up, if they lie and perjury. Anybody that lies under oath and the documents to see what they're doing with this.

BLACKBURN: Right. The way our process works we do this all on the backside and that's why we are bringing her back and continue to bring her back and Henry Chao and all the rest of them.

VAN SUSTEREN: Look at it. I blame her for this, the Obama administration for this.


VAN SUSTEREN: This is a nightmare, the money spent. When you talk about oversight, it is like you could have been on them like a wet suit from day one. Not you but Congress.

BLACKBURN: Right. And that is why back in March of 2011 we did start an oversight process and building our due diligence, our paper work, paper trail on everything and that is why now we are continuing with the hearings, Chairman Issa doing oversight hearings. You have ways and means doing some because we have to make certain that the taxpayer gets paid back for this and also we have to make certain that we push to eventually get this off the books. It is not working, it's too expensive to afford.

VAN SUSTEREN: There is no warranty. The people that take the contracts, if you bought a car, you bring it back. We keep paying and paying and paying.

BLACKBURN: I think the taxpayers are ready to support us in stopping a lot of this. We have tried for years to end much of this.

VAN SUSTEREN: Nice to see you.

BLACKBURN: Good to see you.