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Cavuto: 'Cheap shots' over president's snap shots

Cut Obama some slack



We're making a big deal over this?

Over the President taking a selfie at a funeral?

And then shaking the hand of Cuba's Raul Castro at the same funeral?

Really? This is the latest fuss?

I know I'm going to anger some folks, but this isn't remotely worth the fuss.

It barely warrants a mention.

In fact, my even talking about it now, gives this story legs it doesn't deserve.

The President did nothing wrong. So everyone just calm down. And focus on things that are worth getting riled up.

New flash: what he did in another continent doesn't matter.

What he's doing in this continent does matter.

So go ahead and rip his healthcare law, for which you've got ample ammunition.

Target its rollout, for which, each day, you seem to get more ammunition.

Go ahead, cut away. But on this, cut him some slack.

And before you make quick snap judgments over some snapshots, understand first the moment in which those shots were snapped.

Not so much a funeral, as a celebration, of a man's life.

A life dedicated, I might add, to forgiveness and kindness, and understanding.

And even laughing in the face of adversity.

So I find nothing wrong with folks smiling at this event, laughing at this event, even dancing at this event.

It was an event recognizing not only the triumph of one man's spirit, but the human spirit.

A reason to celebrate. A reason to have fun.

Would that more funerals be so focused. Would that we remember the message of a life, than mourn the passing of that life.

But no, we instead focus on the small petty grievances that sadly define our life where we'd rather rip someone a new one over things that don't matter, than focus on things that really do matter.

Go after the substance of what the President does.

Avoid the cheap shots at the person you think he is.

You're wrong.

He travelled a long way to recognize a great man.

He spoke eloquently and passionately of that man.

And celebrated, like thousands of others in that stadium, the message of that man, Nelson Mandela.

Leave it at that. And avoid all this. Because you're better than this.

And assigning motives to picture images about which you haven't a clue.

How do you know Michelle Obama's mad? From this snapshot? Maybe she wasn't paying attention. Maybe she didn't care. Maybe they're not getting divorced.

My god, enough.

And speaking of funerals, tell me truthfully, when you've been at one, do you not greet one and all, even those with whom you've had differences?

This about respecting the dead, not the petty grievances of the living, whatever their justification.

Is shaking Raul Castro's hand the equivalent of losing resolve, or just showing dignity?

Look, there are many things over which to go after the President.

These cheap shots over his alleged behavior at a funeral ain't one of them.

He deserves better.

And those who cover him and attack him mercilessly on things that don't matter should do better.

There are snapshots.

And there are cheap shots.

But there is nothing worse than cheap snap shots.

'Tis the season to be better. I say, give it a shot.

And on this, cut this President a break.