Off the Record

Greta: We have become enablers for our do-nothing Congress

'Off the Record', 12/2/13: Time to vote out members of House and Senate who won't stay a full month this December to handle a long to-do list


By Greta Van Susteren

All right, let's face it: We've become enablers. Everyone, you, I have, too.

We let our representatives, House and Senate, step all over us. We just shrug our shoulders, gripe a bit about them. But we keep re-electing and paying their salaries. For what? Are they doing their jobs? They are slacking. It's not new.

Look what they have promised and not done. Here's a thumbnail sketch. How about that lousy website the administration dumped on the nation? The oversight came after the fact of the website. Now, that's not helpful. And in six weeks, we run out of money to fund the government. Of course, around the corner, the debt ceiling, again.

What about tax reform? They always talk about it. Immigration reform? That farm bill is already two years overdue. With all this unfinished business, what are they doing? Let me give you a hint. According to "The Washington Post" only five days are planned in December when the House and the Senate will both be in Washington. Just five days for senators and members of Congress to work together and actually solve problems.

They don't operate in a vacuum. They can't get work done if they're not both working together or even working. That is a fact. Now, that's not to say some are not working. It's the institution that's the problem.

The institution has a lousy work ethic. As long as we are content to be the enablers, you and me, it'll get worse. My view: Time's up. Either they stay in Washington for a full month of work in December and prove they really care, or they should be voted out. No questions asked and regardless of party. If you don't want to work, just go.

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