President tries to fix broken ObamaCare pledge

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KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Kimberly Guilfoyle, along with Bob Beckel, Eric Bolling, Dana Perino, and Greg Gutfeld.

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BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: The problems of the Web site have prevented too many Americans from competing the enrollment process, and that's on us. It's legitimate for them to expect to have to win back some credibility. That's on me. That's on us. That's on me. Not on them, on us. This one is deserved, right? It's on us.


GUILFOYLE: After years of lying about his signature health care law and weeks after it launched to disastrous result, those words you just heard are President Obama's mea culpa, and for a good reason. A brand new FOX poll shows that most Americans think the president knowingly lied to get the ObamaCare passed. Not a good place to be.

So, today, he offered a solution to stop the bleeding and attempt to salvage a legacy.


OBAMA: Already, people who have plans that predate the Affordable Care Act can keep those plans if they haven't changed. Today, we're going to extend that principle both to people whose plans have changed since the law took effect and people who bought plans since the law took effect.


GUILFOYLE: Ask yourself, can we really take President Barack Obama seriously? It's been six weeks since the law's failed launch, and the question remains, how did we get here?

Well, I guess we shouldn't be asking Obama because he doesn't know.


OBAMA: I was not informed directly that the Web site would not be working as the way it was supposed to. Had I been informed, I wouldn't have been going out saying, "Boy, this is going to be great." There's going to be evaluation of how we got to this point. And I assure you I've been asking a lot of questions about that.


GUILFOYLE: The buck stops where? I think (INAUDIBLE) home right now.


ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: You know, I outline that exact same phrase to your last sound bite that President Barack Obama started saying, "I was not informed directly that the Web site would not be working, as the way it was supposed to", you know, the plausible deniability crap has got to stop.
He's got to stop saying I didn't know about it. I learned about it in the media.

But it's your signature legislation, you have to know everything about it, before it goes, during the go time and after. If President Barack Obama was CEO Obama and ObamaCare was ObamaCare Inc., that stuff in a board room wouldn't fly. They would drag him right out of there.

The problem is he's not. He's not. He's our president, not CEO. He answers to us and not shareholders. Shareholders wouldn't put up with it.
We shouldn't put up with it either.

But we're stuck with it. So, we've got to move on. But, hopefully, he stops with this "I didn't know."

"I didn't know" doesn't fly.

GUILFOYLE: So, fireable offense. Quit with the plausible deniability.

Dana, what are the next steps?

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Well, he -- I thought today was a day late and a dollar short, or many days late and many dollars short. It's legally questionable whether or not he's allowed to do this outside of Congress.
It's shaking its foundation in terms of the substance, because already you had a Washington state commissioner say that they're not going to allow insurance companies to go back and reissue a cancelled plan. So, they have a state by state problem.

If the economics didn't work in 2013, the laws of economics are not going to change in 2014. So, the uncertainty in the economy already anemic is going to continue, while they go through all of these shenanigans, I think that the White House has served the president very poorly, and he today looked -- I hate to say it -- but he looks very weak in front of the world.

GUILFOYLE: All right. So, Greg, you have some thoughts on this?

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Yes, I do, Kimberly. First off, I say he's flying by the seat of his pants but he's not wearing any pants. This emperor is buck naked.


GUTFELD: The other thing too is I thought only Congress could change laws.
But maybe Obama slept through more government classes than I did.

But here's the thing that I think is most interesting. He believes that these insurance companies can restore all of these policies, which I have no idea how they're going to do that. If you can't design a Web site, how can you rebuild something you destroyed?

GUILFOYLE: He broke.

GUTFELD: The White House is like a meth head that overnight took apart its toaster and wakes up and goes, who took apart the toaster? And he has no idea how to put the toaster back together.

I'm not saying the White House is on meth. I'm saying the White House is on meth.

GUILFOYLE: They might be a little more productive if they were.

Now, Bob, we're not going to wedge in deep boots, although you've got them on today, through all the ideology because no one is more staunch and loyal supporter of the party that a bigger supporter of the party than you are.
However, talk us through the politics.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Well, I think the -- I think what it did initially was it got a little comeback in the Democratic Party where there was a lot of bleeding taking place. We'll see whether that holds or not, I don't know. So far, from the early indications, it is holding. That's one.

Two, from Obama standpoint, he now has to consider the fact that he has no major piece of legislation left in the rest of his presidency. I think immigration reform is dead. I think it's virtually impossible to come through something like this and give yourself momentum unless you find something you can really get Republicans to wrap around.

I still think immigration reform has an outside shot. But it's going to be tough.

But the most important thing facing Obama right now is what happens in the 2014, non presidential election year elections. And that is going to be a very important thing because not only is the Senate at stake, but, you know, you're going to have a difficult time getting enough House votes to look plausibly down the road ten years and see a majority coming.

GUILFOYLE: OK. So, that -- how long have you felt like that? This morning when I woke up, I said to myself, his high hopes for immigration, forget about it. You just commented on that.

GUTFELD: I can verify that she said that.

GUILFOYLE: You were not there.

BOLLING: (INAUDIBLE) to herself though, Greg.

GUILFOYLE: He can read my mind apparently from the other end of this table.

So, that I think was very honest assessment. At least right now, this moment in time, that appears to have no legs. When you see flashing across all the different states and hundreds of thousands of policies cancelled, cancelled, cancelled -- how do you get out of that?

BECKEL: Well, first of all, the thing Greg said about how the White House on meth was pretty funny. But they're not rebuilding insurance plans. It will be up to the insurance companies to rebuild them. Whether they can or will, I don't know. I don't know the policy details of it.

My guess is it's a long shot. But at least when you're in trouble like this politically, you've got to take the best shot you've got. And the best shot is dealing with you can keep your policy and that -- which was the thing that caused the political disruption for him. But I'll tell, it's -- I just don't know.


GUILFOYLE: How do you do it, Eric? This question of a legally, constitutionally --

BOLLING: This is comical. Insurance companies aren't going to do this. A lot of them actually cancelled some plans, not because they didn't meet ObamaCare standard. They canceled them because they were able to cancel them.

They weren't as lucrative to them. They didn't have to do it. They didn't want to do it. They said, you know what? We're not going to do it anymore. So, here's our opportunity to move on and maybe sell customers to a higher level of insurance.

BECKEL: You prove me once again my point about insurance --

BOLLING: No, no, but, Bob, let me tell you something, that's what business is all about.

BECKEL: Really?

BOLLING: Business is all about making the best for your shareholders. If you're selling something that you're losing money on, you stop selling it.
Sometimes you sell because you're supposed to. When the Obama administration says you don't have to do it anymore, you stop doing it.
That's the pure and simple truth.

The problem is, here's what this is all about. This was all about the numbers racking up on cancellations. It was 4 million, then it was 5 million, soon, it will be 10 million, 15 million. When the employer mandate kicks in, 50 million, 80 million, 90 million people and they're not signing anybody up.

So, it was getting more and more skewed and we're going to continue to show
100,000 signed up or fewer and 5 million, 200,000, 10 million and until we
got to stop --


BECKEL: Is it 90 percent of people who are covered by employers or the government or whatever.

BOLLING: Eighty-five.

BECKEL: OK. So that means for 10 percent or 15 percent have their own plans?


BECKEL: How many people is that?

BOLLING: Forty-two million.

BECKEL: Forty-two million?

BOLLING: There's 300 million people in the country, 15 percent is 45 million ball park.

GUILFOYLE: OK, that's too much math for me.

We're going to the pink and black end of the table. Pink shirt, you're up.

GUTFELD: You know, I can't believe no one has pointed out how racist President Barack Obama is. Remember? If you questioned -- f you questioned, you tried to change any part of ObamaCare, you were a racist.
I remember that is what MSNBC was saying for a good two weeks.

Look, the air bag on his car -- the only air bag in his car is Obama and it didn't go off. It's a failure and it hangs on him. And also, the media and Democrats refuse to tell Obama that ObamaCare was a horrible, horrible death trap. It's like telling a parent that you have an ugly kid, nobody wanted to do it. So, right now, everybody stuck with it and they deserve it.

BECKEL: What did you tell people when they asked why you bought that shirt?

GUTFELD: What shirt?

BECKEL: Your shirt there.

GUTFELD: The short?


GUTFELD: I like it. It's nice. What's wrong with the combination, Bob?
I like your combination.

BECKEL: Well, thank you. I was picking up on Kimberly making little --


GUTFELD: You're like Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy".

GUILFOYLE: So, I want to bring -- and, Dana, I want you to comment on this. The president in some way is trying to massage this situation. I don't think it's possible. He's got to try and do something. That's what Bob is saying.

But take a listen to this piece of sound with the president standing before us, I guess half naked, is what Greg is saying, buck naked, saying he's not a perfect man.


OBAMA: I think I said early on when I was running, I am not a perfect man and I will not be a perfect president. And that pledge I haven't broken.
That commitment, that promise continues to be -- continues to hold, the promise that I wouldn't be perfect.


GUILFOYLE: How charming. The first promise he's kept.

BECKEL: You've got to give him a little credit for that. That is a pretty funny line. And I think at a time like this, he needs some levity brought into this thing, because otherwise, if he has to deal with this everyday, it has nothing to do or nothing to do laugh about, he's going to be in a straitjacket before you know it.

PERINO: It would be nice if he cared at all about what he's responsible.

"Politico" started a new magazine today, a print story came out about feelings about -- that the cabinet has about being sidelined and marginalized by President Barack Obama. And one of the quotes was that President Obama had told his team not to bring so many decisions to him.
And I understand that he doesn't want to micromanage, he doesn't want to deal the small ball stuff.

But when he -- I don't understand how he's not more embarrassed or, you know, there's nobody more mad than he is about not being told that his signature legislation was not going to work.

And I think also that today that they only bought the president about 48 hours. I don't think the Democrats will hold. This is -- the policy can't hold up. Just logically economically what the president proposed, it's not good enough.

So, there's no plan beyond Sunday.

BECKEL: You're not suggesting he doesn't care about the health care -- his idea of everybody getting health care?

PERINO: I think that when -- no. I'm not saying that. I'm saying, Bob, from a management standpoint, as the leader of the country --

BECKEL: OK, right.

PERINO: -- as a decision maker of the country, he is so uninterested or he has the staff so scared that they can't go to him and tell him that things are going to be so bad. Information flow and management at the White House at this time is at a low point.


BECKEL: Go ahead. I'm sorry.

GUTFELD: Well, what I was going to say, that's the point of them being terrified to actually go up and say anything to him, which is part of what they use against Republicans and conservatives that you're racist if you did something like that.

I don't think anybody should be interested in saving ObamaCare. They should be interested in saving America from ObamaCare. Is it just a coincidence that the delay will go right up to the midterms? I don't think that should happen. They should pay the price brutally.

BECKEL: Well, that's just one quick thing here. The sad part about this, of anything else, is the idea that somehow the last -- before ObamaCare, with the good old days of health care in this country. It was falling part. It was being overly expensive and people were losing health care all the time.

BOLLING: You're right.

PERINO: And now, it's worse.

BOLLING: Here's what I say, I say let it go. Hurry out and find out what ObamaCare is all about. By the way, if anyone else had done that, they would be fired if they didn't tell the boss that's something was miserable.
Hold on --

GUILFOYLE: Accountability.

BOLLING: When you get in to this ObamaCare, the reason why people aren't signing up, there's glitches in this all over the place. Listen to a wedding tax. If two people, middle income, making $62,000, two incomes, right? When you make that extra dollar, $62,041, you go from a $5,000 premium to $11,000 premium. Your premiums double by making that one extra dollar, unless you get divorced.

These things, there are examples of this through and through the ObamaCare law. Wait until you start -- no one is going to sign up.


GUILFOYLE: It's a perfect opportunity to pull out of this block.

Nothing about --

BECKEL: Well, you try to find time --

GUILFOYLE: Next, has ObamaCare doomed Democrats for next year's election?
How much will the GOP be able to capitalize on the disaster?

And later, big news for all you "Fifty Shades of Grey" fans. Another major announcement has just been made about the movie. Some people are upset, again. I'll tell you why.


PERINO: Joshua McCarroll (ph) redeemed, excellent choice.

All right. Millions of Americans who lost their insurance aren't just angry at President Barack Obama for his broken promises, some Democrats in Congress could be held accountable in the upcoming midterm elections.

Today, the president tried to save them.


OBAMA: There's no doubt that our failure to roll out the ACA smoothly has put a burden on Democrats, whether they're running or not, because they stood up and supported this effort. I feel deeply responsible for making it harder for them rather than easier for them.


PERINO: I tell you what, Greg, if you were not a sleep before that conference, you may have fallen a sleep when he talks to you to death.

GUTFELD: Thank for the meth.

PERINO: Yes, exactly.

GUTFELD: You know, he really is a human drone. It's incredible. He puts everybody out. He has this myth of this invigorating speaker but wow.
Wow. Yes, it was also kind of depressing.

BECKEL: Who in the Republican could come close to him, Ted Cruz?


GUTFELD: That's an excellent point. That's an excellent point.

PERINO: Much better order than President Obama.

BECKEL: You're not serious, are you?

PERINO: Off the cuff and insincere and does come up -- if President Barack Obama was feeling confident today, he would have been dropping some g's.

BECKEL: I love Teddy. Are you kidding me? Steak hands or whatever he was talking about.

GUILFOYLE: I also think Rand Paul is a very good speaker.

BECKEL: Oh, yes?


PERINO: We are off track.

GUILFOYLE: He's very entertaining and very dynamic.

BECKEL: No, but is it his words or somebody else's words?

GUILFOYLE: Why? Have you not seen him speak extemporaneously on multiple occasions?

BECKEL: No, not if I see him plagiarizing --


PERINO: For like hours on the floor of the Senate.

OK. Eric, let me ask you something. Can President Barack Obama do anything to save Democrats at this point?

BOLLING: No, honestly, because it's right now what that man was you saying don't blame them blame me. Buck stops with me. All that crap.

But when they -- when they go to the polling booth in a year, they're going to blame Democrats. They are the ones who push it. If you're a Republican running against a Democrat, remember this guy said, remember she said that.
This is what you really wanted.

President Barack Obama did the speech today because that Web site is not going to be fixed any time soon.


BOLLING: That's what that was all about, he kind of told the world don't expect this to get fixed and turn around any time soon. Stop blaming them.

They're screwed. So, the sooner they fix the Web site and the sooner they figure out it wasn't the Web site the reason people aren't signing up, it's more about the law, not the Web site, they're going to be even deeper, Bob will be even deeper have their boots (ph) --

PERINO: Let me ask you, Bob, can you put on a different hat for one second? If you were advising the Republicans, for real, if you were advising them -- what do you think they should do right now since they are sort of at least winning the debate about ObamaCare at the moment? How could they continue to be in that position, if you were advising them?

BECKEL: I think they have to get off the "no, no, no" position and get onto here's the three things that need to get done.


BECKEL: Soon. Look, this window of opportunity, you talk like it's an absolute done deal for next fall. This hysteria going on right now, you can't translate this to November of next year. A lot of things are going to change. So, let's not try to get the election decided in this climate.

But if I were Republicans and instead of saying, we told you so, we told you so, I'd come up with something that had substance to it. So far, I haven't seen much but they --

BOLLING: They don't need to yet. They don't need to right now. Right now, they need to point out the flaws in the website and roll out. And then when people realize it, when young people aren't signing up and cost explode, they can point that out. They can continue to do that --

BECKEL: But you can't keep pointing things out without saying --

PERINO: Let me get Kimberly in.

The strange thing is that the Democrats have been able, they've been actually having record fundraising number across the board, even in the middle of this debacle, President Obama can bring home the bacon when it comes to getting money for Democrats to win in 2014. And do you think money is actually the best thing that President Barack Obama can provide and he should go away and do a foreign trip?

GUILFOYLE: Clearly cash, because he's not delivering sound bites to materials they need to win elections. But, of course, this is actually mobilizing the base because they're afraid of the eventual outcome. They see what's happening. The headlights are on. They see the train coming.
It's a big problem.

But I think the Republicans have a unique opportunity. They don't need to overplay their hand. They can see how this implodes.

But at a certain point it is good in the article today. They have to come up you with something eventually that's alternative to avoid the pitfall of a single-payer system which is exactly what the Democrats and liberals want ultimately when this fails completely.

PERINO: Let me -- we have one minute. I'm not going to play the sound bite from John McCain that said Republicans need to stand out and just let Democrats figure this out.

Greg, you are a worrier.


PERINO: I'm a worrier. Do you worry that the Republicans are going to blow it?

GUTFELD: Yes, absolutely. Right now, the future of the Republican Party is being created by President Obama right now. The people getting screwed over right now are young people that just saw their future foreclosed to a confidence man. And they're waiting for a new party to instill some hope and change that Obama crushed with his wealth spreading machine.

And Republicans have got to be there. They've got to be very picky about their candidates. No more witches, no more creeps, no more quacks, and no more candidates that run just so they can get TV shows. They've got to be people who really want to serve the country, and are positive, and are funny, and articulate and younger.

PERINO: You're asking a lot.

GUILFOYLE: Are you trying to nominate yourself?

BECKEL: What you said is important. You're talking about Republican's benefits. Let's remember, that people don't like the Republican Party.
The 20 percent of the people who decide election in this country think that they're a bunch of right wingers.

BOLLING: It's moving.


BOLLING: What's moving it? ObamaCare is moving it.

BECKEL: Obviously, because without that, you guys would be in such a hole.
I mean, Greg's right. You put up you the worst candidates, inarticulate, right wing kooks and then you expect to take advantage --

BOLLING: Can I just point something out? John McCain, you point out, just said, he also said it's time -- last night on Greta, it's the time to repeal the law. This is the man who yelled at Ted Cruz for shutting down the government, and all Ted Cruz wanted to do was shut down ObamaCare. So, we need to also stop flip flopping moderates as well.

PERINO: Precisely just the defund piece not just repeal. But I guess after you defund, you can get to repeal eventually. But we did it. So, here we are. We're going to C-block, next.

Directly ahead, actor Rob Lowe takes on big government, sportscaster Bob Costa made some surprising comments about football, and basketball legend Charles Barkley has a warning for the black community. All that and more when "The Five" returns.


BOLLING: Welcome back to "The Five".

We love provocative comments and stories here on the show. We've got some good ones featuring three unique stories from three personalities, Charles Barkley, Rob Lowe and Bob Costas.

Let's start with round mound of sounds. Sir Charles Barkley, listen.


CHARLES BARKLEY, FORMER NBA PLAYER: I always tell my wife, y'all ain't got nothing to worry about. More black people are full of it than white people. We need more intelligent black people.

Blacks are going to destroy themselves. Black on black crime is the biggest problem we've got probably going on in this country. None of the black leaders talk about it until the white guy kills the black guy, which is totally absurd in my opinion.


BOLLING: Greg, you want to take this one first?

GUTFELD: I love Charles Barkley because 50 percent of him is great and 50 percent of him is garbage. Take the good with the garbage. And I would say, you know, it's refreshing I guess to hear a celebrity talk about black on black crime who isn't on FOX News. It's somewhere else doing it.

It would be nice to see that happen among black politics. Unfortunately, it doesn't. I mean, I think he said more about black crime than President Obama did in five years.

BECKEL: I was going to say I agree with that. The first half of what Barkley said is absolutely ridiculous. Not enough intelligent blacks? I mean, that's absurd.

But the last part of what he said about black on black crime, that will resonate more than anything I've heard in the last three years, coming from somebody like Barkley, because he's exactly right. He's sending messages to Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world. If you said this, if one of you two said this, it would have a big impact on people, and they should.

BOLLING: Quick thought.

GUILFOYLE: I think his honesty and candor is refreshing. I like the eyebrows.


PERINO: I didn't notice the eyebrows. I'm going to check as soon as we live.

A few years ago he was thinking about running for office, I actually think he should.

GUTFELD: I don't think he can.


GUTFELD: Not after the incident when he was pulled over.

PERINO: Everybody has something now.

BOLLING: He's got history.

But you know what? He is Charles. He's honest as the day is long. He didn't hide anything.

PERINO: I don't know. I think there are senators right now who just made up a bunch of stories. They sailed into office.

BOLLING: That's true.

All right. Listen to Rob Lowe raising eyebrows, getting his conservative on.


ROB LOWE, ACTOR: My own world view is that the individual needs to be more responsible for their own lives and that's not the conversation we're having right now for whatever reason.


BOLLING: So you know what goes on during the sound bites when you can't here. Dana and Kimberly think he's hot.


PERINO: Very cute.


GUILFOYLE: I don't know what he's saying. I'm just looking at him. He's so cute.

PERINO: And we totally agree.

GUILFOYLE: I like him.

BECKEL: He's a dog.

GUILFOYLE: No, he's not, Bob. And you know it's true. All the girls like him.

I've met him in person. He's very nice, wife is very nice. Great guy, good family. I like --

BOLLING: What about the comment about having personal responsibility?

GUILFOYLE: I'm all for personal responsibility. I'm a former prosecutor.
I believe in justice immediately.

BECKEL: This coming from some privilege white dude who's talking about -- give me a break.

GUILFOYLE: Bob, I don't think he's saying that.


BECKEL: Overpaid -- are you kidding me? He doesn't have a clue what it's like to be middle class or poor.

PERINO: Why didn't you say anything about Charles Barkley? That's the same thing.

BECKEL: No, I did.

PERINO: OK. This one I'm going to say about Adam Kutcher, what's his name?

GUTFELD: Adam Kutcher --


PERINO: Ashton. A month ago, he said something like this at the VMA awards and the he said again recently about personal responsibility. I think it's a great message coming from Hollywood.

BOLLING: Very good.

Greg, any thoughts on this?

GUTFELD: You know, he's had a rough life, because, you know, Chad Lowe is the real star of the family. This guy is pushing 50.

You know why you like him? Because he's got feminine qualities. Women are attracted to men with feminine facial features. That's why I get nothing.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, is that like a weird way to --


BOLLING: Let's move on. Finally, here's Bob Costas wussifying America's you men. Watch.


BOB COSTAS: I'd tell them no. I'd tell them no. I know that goes viral tomorrow. If it were my son, all right, and he was 13 years old and had reasonable athletic ability I would encourage him to play baseball or to play basketball, or to play soccer or something other than football.


BOLLING: Bob Costas, says he would encourage his kid not to play --

BECKEL: Well, he was talking about in the context of what's going on with the Miami Dolphins. I agree with this. I told my son not to play the game.

I'd play it for a lot of years. It's a painful very difficult very dangerous game. If you want to do it, go do it. It's a wonderful game from my standpoint as well. But it is dangerous. I must prefer to have my kid play soccer.


BECKEL: You were a baseball player. What are you talking about wussy?

GUILFOYLE: But your son is a great golfer.

BECKEL: That's true.

BOLLING: If he wants to play football, he can play football.

Greg --

GUTFELD: I have a bigger problem with sports casters becoming so concerned and fretful. Sportswriters and sportscasters are supposed to be rude, cigar-chomping, womanizers. They've turned from Oscar Madison to Gladys Kravitz.

PERINO: Oscar Meyer Weiner.

GUTFELD: That was good. I was going to say Gladys Kravitz from "Bewitched."


GUTFELD: Oscar Meyer Weiner is pretty good. Going viral, I hate that.

Here's an option. Don't play any sport. Play a musical instrument because that goes so much further these days. If you learn to play drums or guitar, women love you. It's a wonderful skill. It teaches you discipline.

BOLLING: Why are we taking advice from a guy that probably never played a sport in his life either? He's like this big. He's like --


BOLLING: No, Bob Costas.

GUILFOYLE: He's so self-important. I think he's auditioning to take Baldwin's show when that collapses. I don't understand, right?

PERINO: I like him. I like when he goes to Olympics and introduces you to people in the interviews. He's great.

BECKEL: He's a very decent guy who does raise some issues.

GUILFOYLE: Bob, you want to go to the Olympics with him. You told us.


GUTFELD: Believe me, he has enough Russians coming to his place.


BOLLING: Very good.

GUILFOYLE: You mean this Bob.

BOLLING: Next, is it a sin if you don't believe in global warming? One liberal theologian says so.

And later, get this -- Alec Baldwin stalker just got convicted. So, how did he celebrate? By chasing down and threatening another photog and as usual profanity ensued. We've got the tape coming your way.


GUTFELD: After every major natural disaster you bet some nut cake will blame it on anything but nature. Ghouls like Al Gore will blame men.
That's how he pays the alimony. Now, a professor of theology blames the tragedy in the Philippines on our use of fossil fuels. Dead aren't even buried yet.

Here's what Susan Brooks Thistlwaite, three names for (INAUDIBLE) blames the tragedy on. Quote, "The moral evil of climate change denial that is.
Those that continue to deny in the face of mounting evident that violent climate change is upon us and accelerating."

Now, it's foolish to expect science from crazy. She's so nutty she qualifies as a Snickers bar. Her assumptions are no different than others who gloat over people suffering. Ha, ha, you denied climate change. How do you feel now looking at all those corpses.

I hated when evangelists blamed AIDS or earthquakes on sin and I hate it now. It's done simply for the pleasure of the accuser, to feel superior and right. No misery is too big to fuel your smug satisfaction.

The shameful sickness still exists but under a new religion, one of blind faith and flat earth hysteria and denial of actual facts.

So, congratulations on cementing your incorrect assumptions about man's rule in causing typhoons. Grieving families are so happy to oblige.

BOLLING: Don't do it.


BOLLING: Don't go to Bob.


GUTFELD: Not going to Bob first.

Kimberly, cyclones are caused by weather fluctuating and climate variability, all scientists agree. So why do people say such stupid things in light of tragedy?

GUILFOYLE: Everybody knows that. They must be really dumb.

BECKEL: Everybody knows that?

GUILFOYLE: Everyone at this table are smart, Bob.

What I don't like is taking advantage of a situation like this. OK? I think it's just really sickening the political opportunist that jump in to further their cause. They're not even thinking about the casualties, not thinking about the lives lost, families affected, any of it. And they don't have the science of facts to back up you what they're saying. So, I think it's double shame.

BECKEL: This argument is always dangerous at this table because Greg is a thug.

GUTFELD: I'm not a thug.

BECKEL: Leaving that aside, let me give you some facts. These are just facts. Let's not argue.

Facts are that Philippines, water level is higher than ever recorded when that typhoon hit, one. Two, this year in Canada at the glaciers, when they receded so far two islands never uncovered by the glacier, and the plant -- the moss on the plant died from the sun. It was 44,000 years old. It had never seen anything but a glacier.

GUILFOYLE: Where are you getting this from Bob?

BECKEL: It's scientific American. How about that?


BECKEL: Arctic ice melts, it raises the water --

GUTFELD: What does this have to do with the typhoon?

BECKEL: Wait a second, the typhoon it becomes more dangerous with higher elevations of water.

GUTFELD: Every single scientist, including people who believe in global warming, say that there's been no increase in cyclones, no increase in natural disasters since 1900.

BECKEL: I'm saying at higher water levels whether Sandy or cyclones --

GUTFELD: You're not listening to me.

BECKEL: I'm trying to listen --

GUTFELD: It's false to link this to the ambitions of green house gases.

BECKEL: Ridiculous.

GUTFELD: Yes, I just gave you the facts from the IPCC report. You're just picking and choosing things. By the way, there's more arctic ice than in
30 years.

BOLLING: It increased. And also this year's hurricane --

BECKEL: Forty-four thousand years.


BOLLING: The U.S. hurricane season, how do you explain that?

GUTFELD: Dana, do you have global warming facts you pulled out of your butt?

PERINO: I actually --



GUTFELD: I was talking about Bob.

I've got some theory -- global warming is a perfect excuse to not do anything for people living in the third world. It gives people a pass to say, oh, my God, well, it's global warming. That doesn't do anything to help provide affordable electricity to people living there. They could have had more information to get out of the harm's way. With more affordable electricity that is steady, you have better education, you have health care, you have well being and possibility of trade which will help everybody.

What this kind of thing does for people that are global warming -- I'm more like Obama now -- global warming extremists, it basically raised money off of it. And these academics --

BECKEL: Oh come on!

GUTFELD: It's true.

BECKEL: You're global warming cover up people is what you are and you don't think down the road --

PERINO: That is bull. That is bull --


PERINO: I worked on the energy and power subcommittee.

BECKEL: You don't believe there's global warming?

PERINO: I actually do. I don't necessarily think it's manmade.

But here's another thing. If it's manmade, it's made by all men. So, in China, Brazil, India, are you going to get them to go along with you?


PERINO: What have you done to the Philippines? Nothing. That's why it's an excuse not to help people in poverty. What we should be doing is providing them with more --

BECKEL: I couldn't agree with that more. But it's also not an excuse to say global warming doesn't exist.

PERINO: Nobody at this table said that.

BECKEL: Excuse me --

BOLLING: I'll push back and I'll say -- the earth goes through warming and cooling cycles.

GUTFELD: That is the facts.


BOLLING: Every 50 or 60 years this changes. I remember this -- we talked about this before. "Newsweek" had the imminent ice age coming the last 10 years. Now, it's warming.

GUTFELD: Now, it's cooling again.


BOLLING: You are so off. I love you. You're a good friend but so off with is this. The left is not realizing there's no signs --


BECKEL: Who's that idiot --

BOLLING: Finish my thought -- you went away from global warming, remember, because it wasn't working. You started calling it climate change. You can refute climate change, but you can certainly refute global warming. That's why they moved off that.

BECKEL: The idea that globe is not warming is like --


PERINO: It's an excuse not to help poor people.

GUTFELD: All right. We've got to move on.

More red meat for Bob as Rand Paul goes after Chris Christie. Nothing makes Bob happier than when Republicans feud. Well, there are some things make him happier, but this is a family show.

GUILFOYLE: Look at Bob. Bob, smile.


BECKEL: I'll continue our discussion on climate -- I'm sorry.

Since October 1st, my buddy at the table beat me up over ObamaCare. So, you can imagine nothing pleases me more than to be able to return the favor. GOP infighting is my new favorite sport, started with my boy, Ted Cruz, who I am wholeheartedly supporting in 2016. And now, you can add Rand Paul to the mix for taking shots at Chris Christie.


SEN. RAND PAUL (R), KENTUCKY: I think his victory was in large form based on that he got a lot of federal money for his state. Unlimited spending is sort of -- you could call it moderate or even liberal to think that there's unlimited amount of money even for good causes.


BECKEL: I expect they're going to get asked the questions about each other the next couple of years. But it sounded like a pretty tough shot.


BOLLING: Well, maybe. He's right. Chris Christie is a moderate. He's moderate on the Second Amendment. He's moderate on immigration. He's certainly moderate on property taxes.

But don't forget Christie fired the first shot. July 25th, Christie said as a former prosecutor or whatever, he said I want us to be cautious because this strain of libertarianism that's going through both parties right now making big headlines is very dangerous.

Libertarianism isn't dangerous Chris Christie. Libertarian is the way of the future. You better embrace it, start embracing it especially if you want -- you expect to get any -- young people aren't embracing libertarianism, not moderate.


BECKEL: Listen, I've got to ask you, Dana, watching this disintegration of Republican Party between middle and right, it's got to concern you, doesn't it?

GUILFOYLE: Was that like a bizarre sugar high, Bob?



PERINO: Listening to the sound byte, I think it's pretty mild criticism.
And actually, it's said in a respectful way. I think the conservatives have such better light to be able to communicate with one other, disagree and at the end of the day go ahead and vote for each other.

I think it's great rather than pretend to be open-minded when you're actually --

BECKEL: Didn't work that way the last time.

GUTFELD: I'm jealous of Democrats the way the party can walk in lock step in blind believe to a community organizing charlatan. That's how they win.

GUILFOYLE: You're hard hitting today.

BECKEL: What about you? Aren't you sad about the demise of your party?

GUILFOYLE: No, I don't see demise. I see opportunity, I see field of dreams, Bob. Look through my eyes and you will see it too. I don't think this is bad.

BECKEL: Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, that's a field of dreams.

GUILFOYLE: You know what? Those are two people. There are more and they are coming.

So, they've got a young bench. Got a lot of stars that are making rounds in speeches. They can't wait for 2014.

BECKEL: I can't wait.

BOLLING: What difference at this point does it make? Remember that line.

BECKEL: I tell you, I've got to say next round is only next week. I guarantee middle and right will take each other on.

"One More Thing" next!

PERINO: You got her.

GUILFOYLE: It was going so well, wasn't it?




All right. It's time for "One More Thing".

Eric, don't discuss Bob.

BOLLING: OK. Hot head Alec Baldwin just hours after winning in court yesterday. Look what happened.


ALEC BALDWIN, ACTOR: Get away from my wife and baby with the camera. What (EXPLETIVE DELETED) language do you want that in? What language you want it in? Get away from my kid with the camera. You know what's going to happen to you, don't you? Come on. (EXPLETIVE DELETED)


BOLLING: OK. So that last line right there he claims he didn't say what everyone heard him say. We all watched him say and heard him say.

He's saying he didn't say it. GLAAD, the gay and lesbian group, came out on Twitter and denounced Mr. Baldwin's comment.

GUTFELD: He said carrot sucking Freddy cat.

BOLLING: He actually said, he said, fat head not the gay slur.

GUILFOYLE: All right. Moving right along from that interesting piece of video -- Greg.

GUTFELD: Yes, it's time for --

GUILFOYLE: Oh my gosh!

GUTFELD: Is the produce alive? It's not working?

GUILFOYLE: Oh my gosh. Is this a distant cousin of ObamaCare? You want me to skip you.

Dana? I was going to come back to you.

GUTFELD: You want me not to do it?

GUILFOYLE: I want you to get it right. Keeping happy.

GUTFELD: All right. Do you have a picture of the clam?

All right. This is the oldest creature in the world. It was. It was found in the seabed Iceland.

A climate change expert wanted to see how old it was so he opened it. When he opened it, he killed it. It was 507 years old. This poor clam was minding it's own business.

This is the story of environmentalism.


PERINO: I love that. Poor clam.

GUILFOYLE: We've got to go.

PERINO: Country music television had a great quiz. I thought I'd know the answer. Who should be your country crush? You can take the quiz on our Facebook page.

I obviously thought that I would be match up with my favorite country music star, but it turns out-- choose the best state, I said, Tennessee, or I said North Carolina. Which sports you like the most? I said pro-football.

It turns out it's not Dierks Bentley, who should be my country crush. It is a guy who was born in 1993 which I didn't think was legal, Scotty McCreery.

GUILFOYLE: Oh my gosh, "American Idol."

PERINO: Also a great singer, but I mean, come on.

BECKEL: I see a future for both of you.]

PERINO: The quiz is rigged.

GUILFOYLE: OK, let's talk about Valentine's Day, baby. What are you doing?

Well, Valentines Day is going to be the new release day for "Fifty Shades of Grey". They have to push it back. The leading man needs a lot of help to prepare for this role. I didn't know it was tough to kiss or make out all day. But that's what this movie is about.

Bob, go ahead.

BECKEL: I tried out for that movie.

Whitey Bulger, the crime boss of Boston was convicted yesterday and sentenced to two life terms. He's a bum.

GUILFOYLE: All right. We've got to go. "Special Report" is next. Thank you.

Yes, 2015, not this year. You got to wait for it.

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