Common Sense

Cavuto: Politicians should take a cue from 'real heroes'

Lessons they could learn from our vets



BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We are making that right a reality, but we've got to make sure all of you stay on it and you're going to have me every step of the way.

GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE, R-N.J.: What you're implying through your question is that Republicans have not to this point voted their conscience. How the hell would you know? How would you know?

NANCY PELOSI, HOUSE MINORITY LEADER, D-CALIF.: Legislative arsonists are at work.

JOHN BOEHNER, SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, R-OHIO: This isn't some damn game.

MITCH MCCONNELL, SENATE MINORITY LEADER, D-KY.: The disaster they forced on our country.

REP. STENY HOYER, D-MD.: And let the House work its will. I dare you to do that.




Tone it down--actually, shut up.

We've all heard enough.

From politicians who love to talk.

And others who insist they're not politicians but seem to talk even more.

I'm not saying there's anything horrible about any of you.

I'm just saying, about now, I've had enough of you.

All of you.

The chest-thumping.

The grand-standing.

This day, of all days, take a cue from some real heroes, and just stop talking.

Because before you wage your next PR battle.

Learn from some folks who've actually been through battle.

Our soldiers. Our veterans. Our bravest. Our best.

The folks a lot of you praise, but apparently take very little time to actually emulate.

You talk a good fight.

They fight the good fight.

You say all the right words.

They opt for few, if any words.

You're very big on sounding tough.

They're big on being tough.

This day we honor our veterans, including those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Let's honor what they fought for, including silently honoring that sacrifice.

Not with a bull horn.

But with a bowed head.

And a quiet respect for those whose actions speak louder than any politicians' words.

Who say it, and mean it.

And don't just promise it. And then reverse it.

Who defend all in this country, no matter their party.

And don't just offend all in this country predictably blaming the other party.

So many squabbles. So little sense.

So much finger-pointing. So few points.

You'd think after centuries of genuine heroes sacrificing their lives, politicians on either side would at the very least, sacrifice their hot air.

Not by yapping endlessly.

But showing quiet dignity.

Not by saying the tough things.

But by doing the tough things.

Without bravado. Just with bravery.

Not by blowharding you're a hero, just telling it like it is, but acting like a hero, and actually saying nothing at all.

Because sometimes the loudest guy in the room.

Is the one saying nothing.

At all.