Off the Record

Greta: Are we kidding ourselves? We have no security

'Off the Record', 11/6/13: Everyone is understandably raising hell about the security of ObamaCare exchange site, but we gave up our personal info a long time ago


By Greta Van Susteren

OK, let's go "Off the Record" just for a minute. I'm all for security and for privacy, but are we kidding ourselves?

When is the last time you gave a credit card number to a restaurant or to an online store? And how about your social security number? When was the last time you gave that one out, even over a cell phone, maybe to a clerk doing medical records or how about to the IRS staff, which is staffed by hundreds of thousands of people? How about your home address? Done any online holiday shopping lately? The vendors have to send the present to someplace. You gave it to them, your home address.

Right now, everyone is raising hell about security of ObamaCare. It does sound grim. It is grim, it's awful. But it does seem a bit odd that we're all fretting about security when the cat is really out of the bag.

The fact is, we have no security. And who in his right mind trusts our government? Remember Edward Snowden? The government hired him. They even told us he was checked out. Of course, I'm not saying we should not at least try to create safeguards for our personal information - we should. But it does seem a tad bit late.

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