Common Sense

Cavuto: Twitter made Washington look like 'twits'

Site's stock launch vs. ObamaCare launch


How do you teach Washington to launch a big initiative in 140 characters or less?

I can do it in seven.


It launched today, pretty darn close to flawlessly today.

I'm not saying you have to like Twitter.

Or even use Twitter, or believe a market value north of 20 billion bucks is right for Twitter.

Focus on only this about Twitter, how it got up and running for its first big day of trading in New York.

Because I think it provides a valuable lesson for some folks in Washington.

Again, I'm not here to preach the virtues of this social media site, just how it prepared for its big day.

Let's just say.

A lot different than how Washington prepared for the healthcare law's big day.

Twitter tested the appetite for its offering months earlier and continued to fine-tune it.

The administration didn't seem to much care whether there was an appetite for its offering, it just rammed it.

Twitter worked closely with the New York Stock Exchange to test whether their systems could handle the expected demand.

The administration pretty much worked with just itself and clearly never factored in apparently any demand.

For Twitter's big day, they had countless drills, for every contingency.

For health care's big day, they had a couple of drills and they failed each contingency.

Twitter was ready to serve millions of investors right out the gate.

This healthcare debut, try six, that's half-a-dozen customers its first day.

That's the difference between launching right, and launching wrong.

Between practice-makes-perfect.

And no practice-makes-no-sense.

Between appreciating anything can happen.

And being surprised by everything that does happen.

Between caring about your buyers.

And not giving a damn about your buyers.

Between performance.

And incompetence.

Between an IPO.

And an IP-NO.

One prepares for the big day.

The other rues that day.

Because one was ready and showed it.

And the other's still busy explaining how it wasn't and just botched it.

Leave it to a service that's all about Tweets.

To make Washington look like a bunch of twits.