Grapevine: Swag for US Marshals Service over the top?

New report on group's spending


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Double Trouble

The Obama administration seems to have a double-standard when it comes to foreign countries' treatment of women.

Compare this from Secretary of State John Kerry's meeting with Saudi King Abdullah on Monday.

The New York Times writes -- "Wary of inflaming Saudi sensitivities, Mr. Kerry sidestepped a reporter's question about whether Saudi women should be allowed to drive, casting the debate as one 'best left to Saudi Arabia.'"

Flashback to 2011.

Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called out Israel for permitting segregated buses for women and men in some religious communities.

She even compared Israel to Iran, and the American South before civil rights.

Breitbart.com quips -- "Lecturing a democracy like Israel is liberalism. Lecturing a sexist monarchy like Saudi Arabia is imperialism, according to the Obama Administration.

Double Dip

Federal employees who worked during the government shutdown are looking to get double back-pay.

National Journal reports five Bureau of Prison employees are bringing a class-action lawsuit saying the federal government violated the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act by not paying them on time.

The plaintiffs argue the paycheck delay meant they had trouble paying their bills on time.

Grab Bag

Finally, the U.S. Marshals Service spent nearly $800,000 on swag from 2005 to 2010.

That's according to an investigation conducted by the Justice Department's Inspector General.

The swag, promotional materials, bearing the service's seal such as Christmas ornaments, scarves and coins must be deemed necessary in order to be a legitimate expense.

Spending on that type of thing went up tenfold during the six-year period.

The IG blames poor judgment and a lack of accountability.

The Marshals Service told the IG officials have taken aggressive steps to restrict non-essential spending.