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Bill O'Reilly: Why the folks are angry about Obamacare

Talking Points 11/4


By Bill O'Reilly

Everywhere I go, and I mean everywhere, people are walking up to me venting about Obamacare. And some of these folks are supporters of the President. The consensus is that we have been let down, sold an important piece of legislation in an unfair way.

To be fair, because that's what we are here, millions of Americans will embrace Obamacare but many of those people will be getting their health insurance free of charge or for very little money. Sad to say some Americans don't really care that deceit was used in passing the Affordable Healthcare Law.

I shook my head yesterday reading the "New York Times" editorializing that President Obama misspoke about the new law. Misspoke -- a dozen times? Even last week he continued to misspeak. The media that desperately wants universal healthcare paid for by the healthy and working Americans continues to down play the problems but it is becoming quite clear that many working Americans will pay more, in some cases a lot more for their healthcare insurance because co-pays and deductibles are going up.

But that isn't the worst part of the new law nor is the computer chaos. The truth is that your doctor, the person you trust may not be available to you. Writing in the "Wall Street Journal" today, Edie Littlefield Sundby who lives in California and who is fighting gallbladder cancer says she may not be able to see the oncologist who's kept her alive.

Sundby writes, quote: "What happened to the President's promise you can keep your health plan? Thanks to the law I have been forced to give up a world class health plan. The exchange would force me to give up a world class physician", unquote.

For Miss Sundby, Obamacare is a matter of life and death. But for most of us it is a tremendous inconvenience that will hurt many Americans financially.

Look, during President Obama's tenure take home pay has gone down. When Mr. Obama took office in January of 2009 the median household income in America was $55,871. In August, 2013, the last available stat, the median income had fallen to $52,236 a year. That's the true measure of the economy -- how much income the folks are making.

And as you well know, prices for many things, including gasoline have risen. Also we're getting hammered by higher taxes on just about everything. Yet, incomes are going down. So that's why people are so angry about Obamacare. They can't afford to pay more for health insurance. They don't have the money.

Over the coming months "Talking Points" predicts that Americans will become even more furious. And even though he says he doesn't know very much about the many controversies that have beset this administration, this time -- this time Barack Obama will be held responsible. And that's the memo.