Common Sense

Cavuto: We've been had...that's clear

ObamaCare isn't all president promised


If the cover-up is worse than the crime.

Why not just 'fess up and state the obvious?

It's time for the president to just admit this healthcare law isn't all he promised.

No, we can't all keep our doctors.

No, we can't all keep our coverage.

No, we won't all be better off.

Some of us will pay a lot more for what we had and quite rightly believe we've been had.

We have.

That's clear.

Just as it's clear after three years to get this up and running, the whole health care law is all but down and sputtering.

Millions of Americans who can't log in.

And those who finally do, opting out.

Young people who say this thing doesn't cut it.

Average families who desperately need some coverage so they cut something else just to get it.

The full-time workers made part time.

The part-time workers now working none of the time.

Retirees who felt protected in policies their companies still offered.

Now thrown onto exchanges because those companies aren't offering them anymore.

Exchanges that don't exchange information.

And when they do, it's often the wrong information.

Privacy invasions run rampant.

Doctors running for cover.

It's natural for the president to dismiss such hiccups.

To focus on coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, and leave out the detail of paying through the nose to cover those conditions.

After all, it makes more sense to talk up your kids staying on your policy well into their mid-20s.

Than ever address the anemic economic recovery that keeps those kids still living with their parents well past their mid-20s.

That's what happens when you leave out the bad stuff.

Pretty soon, mister president, you're the one who's stuffed.