Off the Record

Greta: Neither party is pure, both are guilty of politics in the ObamaCare battle

'Off the Record', 10/10/13: Playing politics is a huge driving force with both the GOP and Democrats - and we the people are paying the price


By Greta Van Susteren

Let's all go "Off the Record" for just a minute. You get it. I get it. We're all just not that stupid, right? Whether you're a team Republican or team Democrat, all of us know both parties are guilty of playing a little politics.

Yes, these very serious issues are grounded in deep passion ideology, but let's face it - neither party is absolutely 100 percent pure.

Politics is a huge driving force and when it happens, we, the citizens, do pay the price. Take ObamaCare and let me start with the Republicans. Many say they would vote to fund the government, a C.R. [continuing resolution], as long as the individual mandate is delayed, just like the mandate was delayed for big business.

Republicans say that would be fair and even give the nation a chance to improve and fix the glitches in ObamaCare. It sounds fair, but take a little deeper look, whether you agree with Republicans on this or not. You and I both know that underlining this Republican suggestion to delay the individual mandate is that Republicans really want more time to defund or derail ObamaCare altogether. That's politics. Republicans, guilty.

OK, Democrats' turn - pure, not exactly. Democrats and President Obama refuse to mandate delay for one year for individuals, but they give it to big business and big labor. Why big business and labor? Well, it is a fact that big business and labor, both have lots of lobbyists in Washington with big fat wallets to make big fat contributions, and Democrats want them happy.

Those are the same people who got them elected. The Democrats don't want them unhappy, do they? But even if it does make good sense to delay it, the mandate for big business and unions, how about the timing? The waiver for big business and unions doesn't expire until right after the 2014 elections. Got it? After the 2014 election politics. Democrats also guilty of playing politics.

That's my "Off the Record" comment tonight. If you have an important story, issue you think I should take "Off the Record," go to and tell us about it.