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Cavuto: Why does Cruz get ripped while Trumka gets a pass?

Bias in reaction to leaders


So Ted Cruz is a bull in a china shop.

And Tea Partiers are wrecking the shop?

He gets ripped.

They get reemed.

And not a word about Richard Trumka and what he said.

No, the AFL-CIO leader gets a pass.

But wait, didn't Trumka every bit as much threaten the left as the mainstream media insist Tea Partiers and Cruz threaten the right?

So Cruz saying he wants to bring Republicans to their senses is divisive.

But Trumka saying Democrats better lay off entitlements or they'll face repercussions isn't divisive?

If one's a flame-thrower, the other isn't?

If Tea Partiers are holding their party hostage?

Unions aren't holding their party hostage?

Come on. Get serious. Get real. Be fair. Be balanced.

I don't care what your views are on Cruz.

But if you're calling him a grenade. I think it's fair to say Trumka's at least an Uzi.

They're both shooting. So why is only one guy shot?

Why is one guy railing against government spending a crackpot?

But the other guy railing for government spending a saint?

It's like when the media reports Republicans are holding Washington hostage trying to get their way on a budget.

But Democrats aren't holding Washington hostage trying to get their way on spending.

One's stubborn. The other's not. That's bias.

And that's not right.

Because it's one thing to endlessly attack one side for saying things you don't like.

But quite another to say nothing when the other side is saying things you do like.

That silence is deadly.

That silence is sinister.

And that silence is deafening.