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Cavuto: A healthcare law on life support

President blames programmers for making ObamaCare sick


Turns out, you can't keep your doctor, even if you like your doctor.

Most won't pay less to get more.

They'll pay more to get less.

More will be covered.

But not if younger folks refuse to get coverage.

Healthcare premiums that wouldn't rise. But did.

Benefits that would stay. But did not.

Retirees whose health plans companies would still honor.

Until they wouldn't.

Pushed onto exchanges that would figure all this out.

But still haven't.

Full time healthcare.

But part-time jobs.

Now just a non-stop mess.

Oh, what a tangled healthcare website this has weaved.

A site with more glitches than guarantees.

So they've called up a bunch of nerds to fix it and fast.

Hoping to repair in three weeks what the administration knew was coming for three years.

Did anyone test this thing?

Fathom the dimensions of this thing?

Clearly not.

And now a healthcare law that itself is on life support.

Exchanges overwhelmed.

Doctors over-wrought.

And our once great healthcare system just about over, period.

You'd think if you're going to go big government you'd go big preparing for its big day.

Big mistake.

Big lesson.

The grander it sounds.

The grander the mess it is.

And this healthcare law's a mess.

But it takes more than a president saying he's not satisfied with this rollout and all its problems.

It takes a president admitting he's a part of the problem.

Promising too much. Offering too little.

He can blame some programmers for making this law sick.

But they're just working with the data they have.

Bad data in.

Bad data out.

This whole healthcare debacle?


And out.