Grapevine: Man's wager on grandson pays off big

Bet boy would play football for Wales


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

What's Your Emergency?

Alert text messages are supposed to inform a local community about emergencies and apparently pancake breakfasts.

That was the case last week in Palo Alto, California where the Fire Department sent 27,000 residents a text saying -- quote -- "Palo Alto Firefighters will be hosting a community pancake breakfast Saturday October 12th, please find us on Facebook and Twitter for more details."

A handful of residents objected to the use of the emergency system for a non-emergency situation like pancakes.

The Fire chief said the purpose of the message was to warn residents not to be alarmed by a gathering of fire trucks and helicopters, which in the past had led concerned citizens to call 911.

Though the fire chief admits he will get the word out in other ways in the future.

Toll-Jumping Longhorns

Texas is publicly naming and shaming the top toll offenders in the state by publishing their names, hometowns, number of violations and amount they owe.

The top toll-jumper owes more than $236,000 in tolls.

One Texas resident who owes over $200,000 in tolls and fees calls the price insane and inaccurate.

The state claims it is owed more $27 million in unpaid violations and is offering settlements and payment plans.

Betting on the Next Generation

And finally, it pays to bet on the next generation.

A United Kingdom man believed that his 18 month-old grandson would one day play for the Wales International Soccer team.

He believed it so much so, he bet 50 British Pounds on it -- you can bet on anything over there -- about $80 US dollars.

This week when 16-year-old Harry Wilson became the youngest ever Wales international player, his grandfather's bet paid off.

Peter Edwards cashed in on 2,500-1 odds, receiving just over $200,000.

He told the BBC -- quote -- "When he came on I had another glass of wine...not bad for a daft bet"

The elder Edwards plans to retire right away -- one year earlier than planned.