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Palin: 'You don't shut down our World War II Memorial and keep the president's golf course open at the same time'

Former governor blasts government 'slimdown's' shameful priorities, sounds off on a possible Senate run, and weighs in on GOP infighting, insisting the American people would thank 'good guys' like Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee


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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin making an appearance in Washington. Now she surprised protesting veterans at the World War II Memorial.


SARAH PALIN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR/FORMER ALASKA GOVERNOR AND FORMER VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We are here to honor our vets. You look around, though, and you and see these barricades and you have to ask yourself, is this any way that a commander-in-chief would show his respect, his gratitude to our military?



VAN SUSTEREN: And we caught up with Governor Palin again after her speech.


VAN SUSTEREN: Governor, people always talk about whether or not you're going to run for the Senate. Have you made any decisions yet whether you're going to run for the Senate?

PALIN: When I consider potentially ever moving to Washington, I have to consider, do they have much moose hunting around here? Are there many fly- fishing streams through the city, the things I'm used to with my lifestyle up in Alaska? There would be quite the trade off. So that would have to be a consideration.

VAN SUSTEREN: How is it weighing right now? I know you like moose hunting and I know you like fishing, but how is it weighing right now, looking at this beautiful weather we're having in Washington, this drizzle?

PALIN: I just want like to be here and anywhere across this great nation that would allow some assistance provided to the good guys, to those who know how to defend our republic, fight for freedom, not let things like this happen where a commander-in-chief would disrespect our military, our veterans by shutting down memorials that remind us of the cost that they have already paid the price for, for our freedom. So I just want to help the good guys.

VAN SUSTEREN: Any idea how to end this shutdown?

PALIN: Oh, my goodness, the games that are played. The good guys, those who have already voted and decided to fund essential services in government, they cannot capitulate at this time. They cannot wave a white flag and say, OK, Mr. President and Democrats, you can have your blank check. We're already $17 trillion in debt. We cannot tell them, go ahead, you can have your blank check and keep incurring more and more debt and bankrupt this great country of ours. So number one is the Republicans have to stand strong and not give in.

VAN SUSTEREN: Where does this end, though, because we have got this shutdown now for 12, 13 days?

PALIN: Where does it end? It ends with the people at places like this, having their voice heard, telling leaders that they better get their priorities straight. Priorities like, no, you don't shut down our World War II Memorial and keep the president's golf course open at the same time.


PALIN: You don't make the stupid decisions that stick it to the people because the people are being used as pawns. Our government is to be working for us.

You guys hired the politicians. They work for you. So it ends when the people's voice is loud enough to be heard all throughout Washington, D.C., so that they'll listen to us.

VAN SUSTEREN: Some of the other Republicans in the Senate, the more moderate ones -- I suppose it is how they're being described -- are disagreeing very much with the Ted Cruz, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Mike Lee side of the dispute. So how do you reconcile that?

PALIN: I think the people would say, thank you, good guys, for being there, fighting the good fight for the rest of us.

VAN SUSTEREN: You rode over here -- I saw you ride with Senator Mike Lee and Senator Ted Cruz. Are any one of them feeling bruised in this fight?

PALIN: I don't think so. They are tough. They are tenacious. And you know what, I think that is within them, that fight for freedom. It's because the people, like the vets who are here today, we learn from them. We know that they weren't timid. We know they never backed down from a fight. So Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, others, we learn from them. We wish to emulate them and honor them in our bravery, our actions in the good fight for freedom.

VAN SUSTEREN: And in some instances, disagreement isn't always all bad, is it?

PALIN: It isn't always bad if the good guys, at the end of the day, win. And the good guys are those who want their country back.



PALIN: The good guys are those who will fight whatever it takes to defend our republic. So as long as the good guys win, then, no, these minor disagreements really don't amount to a hill of beans.

VAN SUSTEREN: Are you supporting the truckers going by? Do you hear them?

PALIN: I saw your story on the truckers, too.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did you hear them drive by the memorial? Do you hear the horns sounding?

PALIN: It sounded like my driveway in Wasilla with Todd and the girls driving their trucks up and down.


PALIN: They're awesome. They're great, as are the bikers who showed up, the vets, the guys we met at Rolling Thunder who are here today. We love them.

VAN SUSTEREN: Governor, nice to see you. Thank you for talking to us.

PALIN: Thank you so much.