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Cavuto: Pelosi's response US spending is the 'problem'

Democrat leader says the 'cupboard is bare'


So Nancy Pelosi says there's nothing left to cut that the cupboard is bare.

Yet that gets very little attention.

Republicans reportedly forcing a government shutdown because there's lots of stuff to cut.

And that gets lots of attention.

It's weird.

They're nuts because they want to stop this merry-go-around of merrily spending.

She's not because she thinks we're already spent.

I want you to think about just that.

A government that year in and year out has spent a trillion bucks more than it's taking in is out of things to cut.

And the folks who got us there are suddenly concerned about our good credit.

The argument, my friends, isn't whether shutting down the government is the answer it loses sight of the real question:

What makes us think we can keep going on the way we have?

Pushing another temporary spending resolution to get us over the next hump?

Another bump in the debt limit to pay off our next set of bills?

The problem again isn't leaders who know the problems but refuse to address them.

The problem is one very big leader who seems to think none of this is a problem.

That's our problem.

Nancy Pelosi says the cupboard is bare.

Apparently so is something else.