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Bill O'Reilly: Are the voters finally wising up and rising up?

Talking Points 9/13


By Bill O'Reilly

In the state of Colorado two senators are kicked out of office this week for their antigun votes. Angela Giron and Senate President John Morse supported a new Colorado gun control measure. Because of that voters in their district recalled them so now they're out. The key question is have the folks finally had enough?

The new Colorado gun law requires background checks on all sales and magazines be limited to 15 rounds.

As you know Colorado has become a very liberal state legalizing pot, failing to pass Jessica's Law and generally being run by far-left people in Denver.

But now with the two senators being booted out, change may be in the air. Miss Giron recently appeared on CNN.


GIRON: What this story really is about is about voter suppression when Colorado has voted by mail, 70 percent of Coloradans vote by mail. And we didn't have access to that mail ballot. I mean --

BROOK BALDWIN, CNN ANCHOR: Ok forgive me but I'm going to cut you off right there because if we talk voter suppression, I've read reports of lack of popularity on your behalf. Let's just not go there, let's get to the meat of the story.


O'REILLY: All right. Well good for her, Brook Baldwin. Voter suppression nonsense -- hey lady, people in your district don't want you serve them anymore because you didn't reflect their values, period.

Now, there is no question this country is changing dramatically and many Americans are fed up with it. And it is you the voter who can change things. Folks in Colorado got the recall in motion and defeated the politicians they felt were harming them. Every state, every district can do that, the question is will Americans wise up -- will they see the dramatic changes taking place in their country? And assess them?

Look, if you watch The Factor, you know I'm not an ideologue. I want the best problem solvers to be elected and I don't care what party they are in. But this country is becoming far too dependent on government and the intrusion from Washington and from state capitols is sapping initiative and actually punishing people who achieve things.

On the social front becoming a nation of zombies -- addicted to high tech, drugs, alcohol whatever anything to escape reality. We are quickly approaching critical mass. What happened in Colorado should be encouraging to those who value freedom and self-reliance but we may be outnumbered.

And that's "The memo."