Common Sense

Cavuto: President going to give unions a 'pass'

'Get out of jail card' for ObamaCare


I want you to be watching out for something very big next week.

And if it happens, I'm going to be spitting vinegar!

And no it has nothing to do with Syria, and whether we hit them.

But something the president's cooking up for unions, but he'll be hiding.

He's going to give them all a pass.

A big fat pass.

Their own private "get out of a jail card" for a healthcare law.

That's imprisoning the rest of us.

By now, you know the full back story here.

Unions started hating this thing as soon as they realized they were going to be paying big time for this thing.

I guess you can add them to that growing group of healthcare law cheerleaders who were apparently too busy pushing it, to ever take the time and just read it.

Bad move.

Because it turns out the AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka discovered those Cadillac insurance plans the law goes after?

Guess what?

That's like every union plan. All their plans. They're all that generous!

In fact it turns out unions virtually own the Cadillac health insurance plan market!

You'd think the term Cadillac would have tipped Trumka off.

But better late than never and now the AFL-CIO is saying, "never, never, never" to the very plan

They once cheered, "Gotta have! Gotta have! Gotta have!"

Back then unions were saying, it was good for America.

Now they're saying, not so good for us, America.

So if you don't mind, we'll take a pass, America.

They want an exemption from all those costly fees for the business they get, and the Bennies they get and other opt-outs to protect members who they feel might be forced out.

Again because of a law they championed, they cheered, and now they want to stick on the rest of us chumps.

It's going to happen. I'm telling you. It's so going to happen.

I predict around the same time the missiles are flying over there.

They fly this little doozie under radar and hope no one notices here.

No one, that is, but me.

Your financial super hero.

Because you don't need X-ray vision to see this one coming.

And I so see this one coming.

And when it does and it will.

I will be so all over it.

Every pass. Every exemption.

Every smarmy, phony, backroom deal-making part of it.

Because I am so damn sick and tired of this.

The unfairness of this.

The cost of this.

The Congress opting out of this.

The sin of this.

The politicians who now want no part of this.

The "I'll wash your back, you wash mine" of this.

The "what's good for us, but the hell with them" of this.

Which is why I promise this:

The moment this happens?

I lead with this!

Come to think of it.

I might do a whole show on this!