What a waste! The most outrageous examples of government spending

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: It's no secret that the Obama administration blatantly wastes your hard earned taxpayer dollars. Tonight, the Heritage Foundation put together a list of some of the most outrageous examples of government spending that makes the lavish White House parties and the president's luxurious Martha's Vineyard vacations look like nothing.

For example, did you know that your paycheck was hit to fund a study on birds? That's right, birds. It cost you 300 grand to figure out the first bird on planet earth had black feathers.

Moving right along, thanks to your donation to the fed, the Office of Naval Research was able to spend 450 grand to determine that robots cannot maintain a baby's attention, important information.

And if that's not infuriating enough, the U.S. Air Force spent more than $680,000 on a study confirming that men look stronger and manlier when they are carrying a firearm.

Last but certainly not least, you're footing a $500,000 bill for a video game that stimulates a high school prom. If you're like me and didn't get to go, maybe that's as close as you get.

Here with reaction to the insanity from transom.org, Benjamin Dome -- how do you say it?

DOMENECH: Domenech.

HANNITY: Thank you.

What are you laughing at? What is with the leather jacket tonight?

TAMARA HOLDER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: This is the funniest show --

HANNITY: What are you --

HOLDER: Honestly, OK. You Republicans --

HANNITY: You Republicans. I'm not a Republican.

HOLDER: I'm sorry, conservatives -- are so bananas, OK. These are 15 pictures, 15 pictures that are supposed to make you mad. Was this like a school book? I'm sorry, wine. Wine really makes me so angry that I just don't know what to do with myself.

HANNITY: Why do I have to pay for this?

HOLDER: Hot guys make me so mad. And caviar, I'm really upset about caviar.

Actually, I'll tell you what I'm upset about. The scale, I would be upset if I put on a freshman 15, 20, 30, like, you know, some people.

HANNITY: Why do we have to pay for this? We're broke. We're bankrupt.

HOLDER: Beer body. I would be upset about beer body.

HANNITY: We're robbing our kids to pay for this garbage.

HOLDER: It's science. That's right. Republicans don't believe in science. They don't believe in science. They don't believe in preserving forests. They don't believe in any of that.

DOMENECH: You don't think that there's maybe a little bit of this getting out of hand? When you're studying whether carrying a gun, holding a gun makes a man look manlier and stronger? You really need a study to do that, which took money out of the hands of --

HANNITY: A federal study.

DOMENECH: -- of American taxpayers and put it towards that?

HOLDER: No, the point is that you're upset about studies. Any kind of study that is science that goes to human behavior, because the conservatives, they actually all believe the same anyway. You all believe that gay marriage is, you know, is bad, guns are good, so, why spend money on any science?

DOMENECH: So, what's the scientific application in policy terms of that study on the freshman 15?

HOLDER: I don't know, considering that I put on my own 15 and lost it.

HANNITY: What about the simulated prom? Really? Does the government need to spend money on that?

HOLDER: Actually, yes. It had to do with communication between people who are playing games and in this world of communicating over social media, yes.

HANNITY: You are willing to rob your kids blind because we're putting the debt on them, to pay for all this crap and we're spending hundreds of millions of dollars. And you -- you are just laughing about it.

HOLDER: Robbing kids blind? Half a million dollars. Do you know, like, one tire on Air Force One is a half a million dollars?

DOMENECH: Who is paying that? This is not a new trend within government. It's one that's been going on forever. You can go back to Calvin Coolidge and he talks about how every dollar that we carelessly waste makes the life of an American that much more meager.

I think that what you have to understand is, this money isn't just growing on trees. It comes from somewhere. In this case, from the American people.

HOLDER: Right. And isn't there a deficit of, I don't know, Sean, you know the number, because you quote it every night. What's the number of the deficit?

HANNITY: Well, unfunded liabilities, $90 trillion. Obama is giving us $7 trillion. That makes it $17 trillion and going higher.

HOLDER: OK, so, of that $17 trillion --

DOMENECH: But it's the principle of the thing.

HOLDER -- you are angry about $23 million of science studies --

DOMENECH: You're missing the point. It's not about the size of it. It's the principle of the thing. The idea that maybe there are some things that government shouldn't do and that these are some of those things.

HANNITY: Did you -- you are a lawyer. Have you read the Constitution?

HOLDER: Of course.

HANNITY: Why are you so willing to just dismiss hundreds of millions of dollars in waste, fraud and abuse that -- we really have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on promoting caviar produced in Idaho? Can't the people that make the caviar in Idaho promote their own caviar?

HOLDER: I'll tell you what is waste, the private donors who are giving money to the Heritage Foundation and some chick is writing about a picture book, a picture book, to be mad about this.

HANNITY: Why should the government pay for a study to determine that kids gain pounds in college? What benefit is that to the average person?

HOLDER: Because it goes to social science behavior and we should absolutely invest in understanding other humans.

HANNITY: How about this, I have a recommendations. Why don't you and all your liberal scientific friends, geniuses of yours, why don't you all put your own money into this and you can fund all the studies you want and leave the contractor and the carpenter and the plumber and the receptionist and the legal aid, the people that pay taxes, alone, so they can have more money in their pocket. How is that?

DOMENECH: In an economy, when people are having to work harder and harder to make ends meet, they are taking on more and more part time jobs because of the warping effects that this administration has had to it, to try to make ends meet and to feed your family, you want to take money out of their pockets and put it towards these points? They're really that important?

HOLDER: No, I'd really like the conservatives to come up with an answer.

DOMENECH: An answer to the problem to the freshman 15?

HOLDER: I'm not in support of all of the spending. But I'd like to know why you have no answers. You're so mad, Sean. You're so, so mad.

HANNITY: I read your web site tonight. You had up there about a kid that wasn't able to go to high school because his mother was in trouble, OK? And he needed money to stay in this really good private high school in Chicago. I'd rather see the money go there than studying it on the freshman 15.

HOLDER: Right.

HANNITY: That's prioritizing. That money could be spent to help a kid like that.

HOLDER: Or how about all the kids in Chicago public schools who don't have a chance at all at an equal education?

DOMENECH: But the point is, you are still running shrimps on treadmills and measuring their activity, I mean, this is ridiculous.

HOLDER: The conservatives have no answers. What are your answers besides getting mad over caviar and a hot guy?

DOMENECH: My answers are, that there are some things that the government shouldn't be doing. That they shouldn't be taking American people's tax dollars --

HOLDER: What should they do? What do conservatives have as an answer?

HANNITY: Defend the country, limit the tax liability of the American people and leave us the hell alone. How is that?

HOLDER: Defending the country, let's see. We haven't had a terrorist attack besides Fort Hood if you want to say it's a terror attack --

HANNITY: Boston wasn't a terrorist attack?

HOLDER: It was. But he wasn't a typical terrorist. He wasn't part of a cell.

HANNITY: OK, you are going to rob your kids blind to pay for caviar studies. Great. You're going to rob your kids blind to study why kids gained 15 pounds in college.

HOLDER: You are such a fear monger. You are a fear monger. Robbing the blind?

DOMENECH: What you're actually defending is an existence of cronyism between the institutions and everything else. That's all you're doing.

HANNITY: Good thing I don't see you, but once a week because you're really ticking me off tonight.

HOLDER: I'm going to go drink some wine, find a hot guy and eat some caviar, so.

HANNITY: Have a great time. We'll pay for it all.

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