Common Sense

Cavuto: Cavuto: Take command, fly commando

Travel fees continue to mount despite airline mergers


Don't like flying?

Well, I'm here to tell you, don't think things ease up.

If American Airlines and US Airways can't pair up.

Because while the government's suing to stop them from merging.

It's not going to stop making the flying experience so memorable.

Prices will still go up.

Because there's nothing stopping all the industry's ridiculous fees from going up.

And stopping American and US Airways from joining forces does nothing to stop these forces.

Limited supply. Lots of demand.

Fewer planes. Many more fannies for those planes.

Throw in higher fuel prices and you've got a passenger headache beyond the pale.

Leaving aside I find it odd that this is the merger the government wants to stop.

Ask yourself whether with all the mergers we've already seen whether any of this nickel and diming has stopped?

It hasn't. Still the same penny-pinching, wallet-groping we saw before these guys started mating, as they started mating, and I suspect, long after they've been mating.

It's easy to see why.

These baggage fees.

And aisle seat fees.

And too-fat-to-sit in one seat fees.

They all add up to billions for airlines.

So whether American and US Airlines are together.

Or forced to fly their separate ways.

Do not assume that you, the flying passenger, are separated from this reality.

Still royally fee-ed.

Zing-ed for when you fly.

How you print out your ticket to fly.

Where on the plane you do fly.

And what you bring on the plane as you fly. It doesn't matter where you store it.

You're paying for it.

None of that changes.

So may I suggest this change:

Take command.