Gutfeld: When activism leads to mass murder

For every media loudmouth who favors 'natural' over manmade, some poor peasant dies for it


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: The biggest creeps on earth are those that claim to love it. Their love is really hate for people, specifically poor people. Case in point, Bjorn Lomborg. He's a great greenie with a conscience.

He reports that activists in the Philippines have destroyed a field of golden rice. That's rice that's genetically modified to contain vitamin A. Of the 3 billion who eat rice every day and are at risk for vitamin A deficiency, this new rice helps prevents nearly 700,000 deaths a year, and a half million kids from going blind.

These activists are essentially accessory to mass murder. I say hang them by their toe nails. These creeps operate from the evil notion that everything on earth is good and everything made my man is bad.

It's an idea propagated by green journalists crusading against Monsanto, morose health editors and loopy celebrities who condemned vaccines. For every media loud mouth who favors natural over manmade, some poor peasant dies.

Remember the DDT ban, a million babies won't because that ban allowed them to die from malaria. Thank the green movement. Natural is just the elite's way of saying, "I'm better than you" to the poor. Lucky for them, they have no problems getting vitamin A, their maids do all the shopping.

So, while it is cool to push fake fear about genetically modified foods, all it does is kill people. Celebrities march against Monsanto, but they're marching against progress. And in service to their ego, they turn a blind eye to the suffering of others whose actual blindness they cause.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: When did this get put in the show?


BECKEL: This whole segment. I didn't know anything about it.

GUTFELD: You didn't read my notes?

BECKEL: When did they put this in?

GUTFELD: What are you talking about?

BECKEL: I didn't know they were doing this.


BECKEL: This whole thing.

GUTFELD: Would this have changed anything? You wouldn't have done any preparation.

BECKEL: I could talk about it right now.

GUTFELD: OK, go for it.

BECKEL: OK, I lived in the Philippines.


BECKEL: Yes, I'll tell you an interesting thing, I don't know anything about this.

Here is what happened. There was a tribe in the Mindanao, in the Philippines, that have been isolated for thousands of years.


BECKEL: And they went in and decided, the green people aside, they wanted to get in touch, try to help them, and they all died off.

GUTFELD: Really? That was an amazing story, Bob.


That's very different from other anecdotes you told us about your days in the Philippines.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: That relates to the topic. That was well done.

BECKEL: OK, just leave it alone.

GUTFELD: All right. Andrea, let's try to save this. Going back to like Rachel Carson, silent spring, demonizing malaria, killing DDT, it always seems like millions die when environmentalists get involved.

TANTAROS: It's true, or New York City mayors.


TANTAROS: Even here in the Big Apple, there's a homeless group was organizing a food drive. Mayor Bloomberg did not think the food was acceptable because it wasn't healthy enough.

PERINO: They had too much salt.

TANTAROS: So, would they rather have the homeless starve? Yes, I believe they would. I would like that Bjorn -- I would love him to live in the field.

GUTFELD: He is for it. He is a good guy.

TANTAROS: One of the activists live in the field, see what happens when they get hungry if they would eat the rice.

BECKEL: How many people do you think would die without the Clean Air and Clean Water Act?

PERINO: Here's the thing -- you want to know how to get this green activist to be genetically modified food?


PERINO: You're going to tell them it's going to help save global warming.

GUTFELD: Yes, there you go.

PERINO: If it actually would do something for global warming, they would be oh, work for that.

BECKEL: Somebody answer the question about clean air and clean water the Republicans try to take down.

PERINO: You mean the one that Richard Nixon passed?


PERINO: And the one that was amended to be improved under the Republicans?

GUTFELD: Hey, Eric.

BOLLING: Yes, sir.

GUTFELD: Since global warming is essentially dead thanks to facts and data, Bob, do you feel moving to genetically modified foods and going after Monsanto and stuff like that?

BOLLING: It's really crazy. They're enviro-terrorists. They're holding up fracking projects for environmental reasons. And it's bringing jobs to the area.

Genetically modified agriculture could save the world. And the other part is almost all our corn seed, almost all our soybeans are already genetically modified. So, they're a little late to this ball game, to this dance. But genetically modified agriculture is going to bring food to starving areas around the world.

BECKEL: You think the world would be better off without environmentalists?


BOLLING: I think the world would be better off with genetically modified agriculture --


BOLLING: They can't afford it now, they need to produce more.

PERINO: You have to have, I can't remember the name of the company, American company that figured out how to inject protein into wheat, so that if -- that was the only thing you had that day, you were getting a more balanced nutrition because of it. It's scientists who are actually helping.


PERINO: And I don't -- they don't have any proof about the environmental concerns. They just are worried about it.

GUTFELD: Yes, and by the way, there are good environmentalists like Bjorn. I mean, these are people that believe in nuclear power because we know that nuclear power is cleaner.

PERINO: Like it's not for the environment.

GUTFELD: Yes, everybody is for the environment. I just don't like radical environmentalists. Nor the earth firsters would put spikes in trees so when loggers would saw, they would lose --

BECKEL: And environmentalists on the love canal and things like that.


PERINO: You know what, how to improve that? Economic growth and having a more prosperous country means that you have more money to spend on things like improving the environment. That's what actually helps us. When you don't have the kind of money to be able to develop new, clean technologies or this type of genetically modified food, that's when you suffer.

TANTAROS: I just want to know lefties don't give credit to the Republican Party, specifically to Nixon for starting the EPA.

BECKEL: I do give him credit for that, then the Republican Party tried to take it apart piece by piece after that.

BOLLING: The other thing is doing -- Monsanto, all these companies are doing it without government subsidies to do it. They're doing do it because it makes sense.

PERINO: Well --



BECKEL: Monsanto may be the largest welfare cheat in the world.

BOLLING: No, no, no. OK. All right.

BECKEL: Let that one by.

BOLLING: Farmers benefit from the farm bill.

BECKEL: You said Monsanto. The wrong example.

BOLLING: You can't blame Monsanto for selling the seeds, took money because he was getting money from the farm bill.

BECKEL: OK, we won't blame Monsanto, that would be fine.

PERINO: I agree.

GUTFELD: All right. I like environmentalists. Let's save the people before the whales, that's all I am saying.

BECKEL: What would you do without whales?


BECKEL: What would you do without whales?

GUTFELD: I'm not a big fan of whales.

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