Grapevine: Goats hired to 'landscape' Congressional Cemetery

Animals to graze historic site


Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

There He Goes Again

Embattled New York Democratic mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner has alienated another segment of the electorate...seniors.

Last night, at a public forum hosted by AARP, Weiner got into a heated exchange with one of his opponents.

Republican candidate George McDonald took issue with Weiner putting his hand on his chest when they were saying hello.

He asked Weiner not to touch him again.

Weiner accused him of having anger issues.

The 69-year-old McDonald said he did not to which the 48-year-old Weiner replied -- quote -- "Yeah you do, Grandpa."

The AARP issued a statement saying a person's age -- quote -- "should not be a factor in politics, or anything else."

Lies Don't Set You Free

In case you need more evidence that you should not lie to the police, a woman who got out of a ticket by saying her dad was dying, ended up under arrest when her story did not check out.

The driver was pulled over in New Hampshire Friday for going 82 in a 65 [miles per hour zone.]

She told the state trooper she was rushing to the hospital where her father was on his death bed.

The officer let her go, then called the hospital to check her story out.

Turns out, her father has been dead for five years.

He tracked down the woman and arrested her for speeding and driving with a suspended registration.

Salary: All You Can Eat

And finally, D.C.'s Congressional Cemetery has hired new landscapers to deal with some overgrown brush.

100 hungry goats arrived today to graze the perimeter of the cemetery.

The head of the preservation group overseeing that cemetery calls it a green and cost-efficient alternative to pesticides and mowing.

The goats will eat there for the next six days, before moving on to other weed-infested pastures.

Among the 65,000 people buried at Congressional Cemetery -- 19 senators, 71 House members, two vice presidents, FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover, and composer John Philip Sousa.