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Greg Gutfeld: New revelations about the Benghazi attack

Talking Points 8/2


By Greg Gutfeld

So, Fox News has learned that at least five CIA employees were forced to sign extra nondisclosure agreements following the attack aimed at preventing leaks I guess. CNN has also reported that dozens of CIA personnel were in Benghazi during the attack and now some are being intimidated into staying silent. The operatives reportedly have been forced to take lie detector tests as a way to persuade them from saying what really went on that awful night.

So, I guess leaking about bin Laden's death was ok, but Benghazi not so much -- pretty odd. In my opinion, the wrong people are getting the polygraphs. Why not Susan Rice or Hillary Clinton, or the President himself? I only would have one question -- who pushed the video?

That's it because underneath all of the phony denials and blame and cover up is one missing truth why was America told an anti-Islam video was blamed for a spontaneous attack that wasn't spontaneous at all. We know the answer -- a planned terror attack right before an election doesn't help win that election especially when you're on your way to Vegas.

Pushing the video took the onus off al Qaeda and put it on us and our foolish right to free expression which is why there's still a film maker in jail and terrorist on the loose.

And that's "The Memo."