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Cavuto: Security alert about 'avoiding another Benghazi'

Better late than never...we hope


Better late than never we hope.

But this whole worldwide security alert apparently is about avoiding another Benghazi.

Incoming National Security adviser Susan Rice reportedly the one pushing to shutter all these U.S. embassies and consulates.

We're told the former diplomat is trying to prevent another Benghazi, without saying she's trying to prevent another Benghazi.

If so, it's remarkable.

Because back then Ms. Rice initially pegged those Benghazi attacks that killed our ambassador and three others to protests based on an anti-Islam film.

We since learned, of course, that the administration later confirmed that there was no such protest.

Though there was plenty of chatter.

The same chatter we're supposedly getting now and Ms. Rice is acting on now.

We can never know what she knew then. We can only suspect what she knows, or more likely, fears now.

And acting out of an abundance of caution, she and the administration are trying to prevent now.

Shutting down virtually all our embassies throughout the Middle East.

Reports it all started with a series of Al Qaeda-led prison breaks...that have freed hundreds of Al Qaeda operatives throughout the region.

Who knows -- but this much we do know.

The same Al Qaeda dismissed as all but beaten and on the run a year ago...

Apparently alive and well and shutting our embassies down in an abundance of caution now.

A healthy respect and fear now.

Pity a year late and four lives