Common Sense

Cavuto: ObamaCare 'food for thought'

Congress wants out of the health care law


Beware the restaurant owner who won't eat his own food. Usually that means the food must stink.

Beware more the congressman who won't eat the food they're shoving on you. Usually that means "his" food really stinks.

Now of course, the difference is we can always walk out of that restaurant, but we really can't walk out of this country.

Because this health care law is being slopped up on all our plates and we have to eat it, whether we like it or not. While the folks doing the slopping want to take a pass on it, whether we like it or not.

It's true. Congress wants out of the health care law -- at least the cost associated with it.

A concerted push now to exempt themselves and their staffs from something they apparently find sickening.

And they concocted it! Who can blame 'em?

They know what was going on in that kitchen. They cooked it up. And it's enough to make them throw up.

So no wonder they want to pass this up. And just pass the plate, and leave us with the bill, for a meal they know reeks, on a menu they know rots.

All I know is when I see the restaurant owner pushing the food, refusing to eat his own food, or worse -- catch him going to the restaurant next door for better food, something starts eating at me.

Food for thought.

Because when the chef is hurling at what he's throwing on your dish, maybe it's time to hurl the chef and the dish.