Common Sense

Cavuto: Never talk a good job down

Response to 'dismissive' attitude toward jobs


What I'm about to say isn't what we call Demo-friendly in this business.

So get ready for me to sound like well, like the old fart I am, I guess.

But this constant dismissive attitude on jobs is really getting my goat.

It's like jobs aren't enough these days. They better pay well--

Or folks just aren't applying for them at all.

Did I ever tell you when I was a kid, you were grateful for any job you could find?

Now a lot of kids are turning up their noses at fast food jobs that go begging, at 11 bucks an hour. It's true.

Back in my day,

We'd be happy to take the frialator position at a fraction of that!

But who can blame kids? When they're not the only ones whining?

The president dismissing this whole Keystone pipeline fury.

Nowhere near the 20,000 jobs Republicans say it'll generate more like 2,000 jobs, tops. As if that's anything to sneeze at.

Or Amazon already getting grief for the 7,000 jobs it's promising at some new warehouse and retail facilities. Apparently some union types think those positions should pay more. Shouldn't we be focusing on the 7,000 folks who'll get paid anything?

And don't even get me started on that D.C. City Council that just ran Wal-Mart and the thousands of jobs it was promising, right out of town, after demanding big box retailers dramatically hike their minimum wage.

What a piece of work--all these do-gooders dismissing work--any work.

When I was a kid, you'd grab any job you could find.

Now we weigh it against welfare checks and benefits to see if it's worth the fuss.

Only in America today, can our politicians bemoan a livable wage.

Forgetting a lot of folks would be grateful for any wage, any chance, any job, anytime.

All I know is as soon as I turned 16 and heard a fast food chain called Arthur Treacher's was opening a store in my town of Danbury, Connecticut--

I stood in a line for a position--any position.

I got the job. And soon rocketed to relief manager, then weekend manager, then by 16 and a half--

Full-time store manager!

And it all started at two bucks an hour. And all the fish I could eat.

Never mind that latter benefit eventually forced Arthur Treacher's out of business.

Once I got the opportunity, I was in business.

So, kids, listen up.

Never talk a good job down.

Because the same could happen to you.

I'm not saying that you too will go from mopping up floors to someday mopping up the cable news competition at your hour--

And being an anchor Superman respected all over the world over like me, but you'll never know, unless you try. Unless you fry.

Food for thought. Never look a good job in the mouth.

Especially if the place offers free food for your mouth.