Is your cell phone holding you back?

Study: Cellular devices create poor posture, undermine assertiveness


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DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: All right. So, you know, we are all guilty of checking cell phones too much. My co-hosts are looking, Greg has a busy couple days ahead of him, checking his phone.


PERINO: But I'm here to tell you, you have to stop, because these digital devices could be holding you back professionally. And what's more, doctors say cell phones could cause you to develop a saggy neck, known as turkey neck.

Do you know why, Greg, that is?

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Because while you're on the BlackBerry, somebody comes over, staples the neck of a turkey below your chin.

PERINO: No. Andrea, I told you this earlier. What do you think of this?

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: Because if you're constantly hunched over looking at your BlackBerry, your neck is crinkled, and your posture goes, and so, you get these lines on your neck, which by the way, you can't get rid of them! There's no plastic surgery.

BECKEL: Listen, I'm the only one in the show that doesn't look at the BlackBerry or iPhone during the show, and I have a turkey neck. So, there you go.

GUTFELD: That's not a turkey neck.

PERINO: Really, I learned this, you know, people have terrible posture now because of the iPhone, and one of the things it does, Harvard study looked at, of course, it's Harvard study, is that when you're hunched over, especially in a meeting, you're less likely to get promoted, you're less likely to look like a person on top of things.

So, you should probably leave your iPhone at your desk.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Interesting. However, we're bearing the lead here. We talked about it on the break -- what you want to do when you're walking --


PERINO: When I walk down the streets of New York and it's very crowded and there's lots of young people in particular, I just want to walk behind them, just tap them on the shoulder, say posture, posture, everybody.

BECKEL: People walking down the street talking to themselves, they have whatever that thing is in their ear. I don't know if they have it or just are crazy. That's the thing that worries me.

Can I just one more point about this, if you don't mind? Our executive producer Porter talks to you like this. He is talking to you and playing with his BlackBerry the whole time.

PERINO: He's probably working, not playing.

BECKEL: It's the most disturbing.

And Andrea and I went to dinner one night. You know what she did, I took her to dinner. This is what she did the whole time.

PERINO: Talk about burying the lead, you took Andrea to dinner?

BECKEL: I did take Andrea to dinner.

TANTAROS: We are buddies, I was under the table checking e-mail.

BECKEL: She was checking e-mails.

TANTAROS: Stop it, right now.

GUTFELD: You know, there's one thing far worse than this and I call it the bacteria berry. People who are bringing the BlackBerry into the bathroom, using them. I walk into the men's room, behind the stall, you hear people talking.

PERINO: What if they have on iPhone clicks.

GUTFELD: People can hear the flush, among other things. Then they bring the BlackBerry out, take it home, they have it against their face. People, you have feces on your face!

PERINO: And bad posture.


BECKEL: And the biggest mis-user of this right here.

BOLLING: Here is what you do in the men's room. You go in the men's room, take a piece of paper, you put it on the floor. Put the BlackBerry on top of the thing, do what you do, finish up, wrap it in the paper, wash your hands with soap, before you throw away --

BECKEL: That is disgusting.

BOLLING: You dry your hands with a separate piece of paper, and you take that piece of paper and you clean your BlackBerry before you pick it up.


BOLLING: Worst thing --


PERINO: I have something about.

GUTFELD: It is where you walk into the bathroom, and you put your -- you walk in, you grab a thing, right? You call it a BlackBerry condom. You pull it down, drop it in, then you can do whatever you want.

BECKEL: Why do you take it in there with you anyway?

PERINO: Can I tell you something since you mention shark tank?

This is called the iPhone snake. This goes around your neck so that you don't get turkey neck, so you have better posture.


TANTAROS: Ever since you told me that, Dana, I have been sitting like this, putting body moisturizer on there. You also look thinner. Now we're going to be like this.

PERINO: Stand up, pay attention, get a job, get a promotion. This has been a public service announcement from "The Five."

GUTFELD: I am going on shark tank seriously, bringing in a toilet, it will be called the BlackBerry --

PERINO: I think the smart phone condom. I think BlackBerry is a patented --

TANTAROS: Bubble mistake it product.

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