Common Sense

Cavuto: Time for IRS to 'roll in a little less cash'

Why not reign in agency's budget?


If the IRS won't cut employees for hassling taxpayers.

Maybe cutting its funding will get them moving.

Because nothing else appears to be working.

So when I heard Republicans want to trim three billion bucks from the IRS budget I was thinking to myself self, at least it's a start.

And taking politics aside, at least Republicans seem to get it.

Because the president wants to increase the IRS budget by another billion bucks.

Effectively, rewarding them for all these messes.

The spying on conservative groups.

Then individual donors.

The commissioner pleading the Fifth and getting paid as she sits and stews on leave.

If heads aren't going to roll maybe it's time the IRS roll in a little less cash.

Because nothing else seems to stop these guys.

Why not rein in the budget of these guys?

Nothing else seems to be working.

Not a single worker fired.

As far as I can tell, not so much as a single worker rebuked.

An investigation two months in, that has yet to question a single group targeted.

An FBI director who couldn't even remember the name of the person leading the investigation into those who were targeted.

So now this cut the folks who cut us at the knees at their knees.

Seems common-sensical and this reaction from Democratic Congresswoman Nita Lowey downright comical.

What? First off, Congresswoman, this isn't about cutting pay for police or firefighters.

Stick to the topic. This is for cutting the budget at an agency now under fire.

Its agents running amok.

Tens of thousands of them not even doing IRS work, but union work, on our dime.

I say cut the dimes. A lot of dimes. And do it now.

Because if the IRS can do all this nonsense on a 13 billion dollar budget I'm sure it can do quite nicely the same nonsense just hopefully less nonsense on a 10 billion dollar budget.