Who will replace Morsi if he resigns?

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: It pains me to say this, but we warned you that this would happen. Protests erupting once again in the streets of Cairo, millions of Egyptians are demanding that President Mohamed Morsi step down. Now the violent demonstrations broke out on the first anniversary of his election. Now the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood was overtaken and ransacked. Mobs of people threw rocks and fire bombs at the building eventually making their way inside. Opponents claimed that Morsi has failed to tackle country's security and economic problems. They want him out, but he remains defiant. He is vowing not to give in and leave his post.

Now earlier, Egypt's military set a deadline for an agreement to be reached. Now, they are giving Morsi two days to meet with what they call, quote, "The people's demands." If it's not settled by then, the military says they will intervene.

Let's keep in mind who President Morsi is and how the White House has backed him in recent months. For starters, Morsi is a 9/11 truther. He's referred to the Israelis as the descendents of apes and pigs. Back in March, Secretary of State John Kerry met face to face with Morsi. He announced that the U.S. would hand him over another $190 million in aid. And that's chump change to the money we have already giving. In 2013 alone, we are slated to give the regime in Cairo more than $1.6 billion. And don't forget we've also vowed to give the Egyptians 20 American F-16s and 100 Abram tanks.

Now moments ago, Reuters reported that Morsi spoke to President Obama over the phone. At this time, we are not sure what was said.

Here to react, president of the American Together Foundation, Mike Ghouse, conservative blogger, author, Pam Geller.

We're also -- Obama's sending over riot experts and teargas canisters to go against the people and support the Muslim Brotherhood radical Islamic extremist?

PAMELA GELLER, AUTHOR AND COLUMNIST: Obama sent 140,000 teargas canisters. Obama has committed himself to the Muslim Brotherhood government against the democratic forces. This is a huge repudiation of the Muslim Brotherhood and the United States and Obama should be repudiating the Muslim Brotherhood and should side with freedom. We're not seeing that.

If you notice his tepid comments today, he merely urged restraint. When they were 20 million people signed a grassroots petition. Only 13 million voted for Morsi, 22 million signed a petition to oust Morsi. Here you have the United States of America, the president saying -- he's urging restraint. I tell you to be on the wrong side of history will place us in a very bad position when the next government of Egypt takes over.

HANNITY: Mike, Obama paved the way for this. And I told you at that time that the Brotherhood would be in power. You said I was going to wrong. Now do you think it is right for the president of the United States to give money, F-16s and tanks to a guy who views the Israelis as descendents from apes and pigs? Do you think that's the right thing for the president to do?

MIKE GHOUSE, AMERICA TOGETHER FOUNDATION: I think he's doing that advisement, his protection money to keep peace with Israel, as Charles Krauthammer said many times on your show. It's really protection money. But personally I think it's wrong to give money to Egypt when they are not complying democratic rules. This guy Morsi has got to go. Obama should not send anything in support. He should hold himself and let people decide. Let the demonstration -- let them pull this guy down. The military has given him 48 hours. He's got 10 hours left. They will take action, and I think the military doesn't really want to rule, neither the public, Morsi wants military rule, but they may not have any choice. Morsi is a dictator kind of guy, kind of a bully.

HANNITY: He's an Islamic extremist, let's call him what he is. He is a radical Islamic extremist.

GHOUSE: I would not call him Islamic. He is an extremist bad guy. What has Islam got to do with it? I'm a Muslim.

HANNITY: He's part of the Muslim Brotherhood, a terror organization, and he referred to the Israelis as descendents of apes and pigs. The United States of America, Mike, should not be supporting him. Why would you not agree with that?

GHOUSE: I'm agreeing with you. We should not we supporting him. I think we should hold ourselves down and let the public make the decision that he should come down. Step down.

GELLER: Morsi's aid told The Guardian that no change will be made without the sanction of the -- without the sanction of Obama. He is confident. Morsi is confident that nothing will happen because he knows that Obama is not going to side with the protesters. This is very dangerous. He is consistently on the side of Jihadic-Islamic supremacist regimes, whether it was Libya, Egypt. This is a consistent anti freedom policy.

HANNITY: Let me ask what happened? You were supposed to go to the -- Great Britain. What happened? You got banned by Great Britain?

GELLER: I was banned by Great Britain. I was supposed to lay a wreath on the site of the Jihadi -- the grisly Jihadi beheading of a young soldier, a young dad, Lee Rigby, who was slaughtered in a public street outside of London, by Jihadists. Apparently I was banned because, quote/unquote, "my appearance would not be conducive to the public good." I submit to you, Sean, that freedom of speech is conducive to public good. Meanwhile, there have been hate preachers --

HANNITY: Adam Chowdery lives there.

GELLER: They just let in someone who preaches Jew hatred, says they should smash the skulls of infidels. He was just there in London. Over and over we see this, and this is our ally, the nation of the Magna Carta is dead.

HANNITY: Go ahead.

GHOUSE: I agree with Pamela. There should be freedom of speech, they should allow her to go speak. If they want to do better than her they can do it but they should not stop her from going and speaking there.

GELLER: Mr. Ghouse, if I may add something. Last week on another show, you accused me of causing the death of a person in the subway system. That was patently untrue, you owe me an apology. You blamed my ads. My ads weren't even up yet. They haven't run in the subway. That was a blood libel. I know essentially you are dying to apologize to me, so I'll give you the opportunity to do just that.

GHOUSE: Not at all, Pamela. In fact, your ads went up, and last September, I was on Fox News when the ads were shown in the subway trains, and I mentioned the danger of those ads. If someone walks in with a gun --

HANNITY: Wait a minute.


GHOUSE: He was slaughtered.

HANNITY: Why are you accusing her of killing somebody?

GHOUSE: I am not accusing of her.

GELLER: Yes, you did.

GHOUSE: Posters cause danger to the people traveling in subway trains and there was a guy who got killed from mistaken identify.

GELLER: My ads said nothing about Muslims, about Islam. Any war between the civilized man and savage, you support the civilized man. Defeat jihad. Support Israel. Are you supporting jihad? Is that what you're saying?

GHOUSE: Pamela, I'm not supporting jihad, nobody's supporting.

GELLER: So we're in agreement. You owe me an apology.

GHOUSE: No I don't owe an apology. You owe an apology to those who hurt and saying bad things about it.

GELLER: You are saying the truth hurts people. You see how irrational your logic is?

GHOUSE: Truth doesn't hurt people. Truth doesn't hurt people. Clever ads do hurt people.

GELLER: If you don't support jihad, you support my ads, that's it, plain and simple. No Islam in my ads and no Muslim in my ads.

GHOUSE: No black and white -- the world is not black and white.

GELLER: Answer the question.

GHOUSE: You can't be that simplistic.

GELLER: Do you support jihad? How dare you accuse me of murder and don't bring up the fact that a devout Muslim threw somebody off the subway train. You didn't bring that up.

HANNITY: All right, we got to break. We'll leave at that. Thank you both.

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