Common Sense

Cavuto: Edward Snowden is not 'worth the hassle'

Countries not 'rolling out the red carpet'


Are you worth the hassle?

If you're a headache at work, that's what your boss has to decide.

Are you worth the hassle?

Are you so good at what you do that it makes up for the schmuck you might be.

I once knew an executive who was a certifiable lunatic--abusive, cursing, constantly raging ass.

But apparently, he made his company so much money, that his bosses didn't care, so they looked the other way.

Until he wasn't making the company so much money, so they stopped looking the other way, and just fired him.

Same with very popular anchors, who despite their numbers, their numbingly stupefying prima donna antics just proved too much, that they were no longer worth the hassle.

And they were gone. From hot to not, faster than you can say, goodbye.

Life is cruel.

But Ed Snowden, wherever you are, heed my words.

Because you're quickly discovering that you're just not worth the hassle.

That the secrets you have that once made you a darling, apparently don't compensate for the headaches you bring that now make your very presence troubling.

How else to explain all these countries now not rolling out the red carpet out for you?

You haven't changed, Ed. Why have they?

Because they've sized up the risks and rewards of keeping you, Ed, and many have concluded, you just aren't worth the grief.

That whatever you've got, it doesn't come close to all the trouble you'll bring.

After all, a lot of these countries don't flip over us, but they sure flip over our dollars.

They need our business.

And you risk that business, Ed.

Because you're a hassle, Ed.

You're a headache, Ed.

They say that dead men tell no tales.

But they never say that very live men who do, don't come out much more ahead.

Either way, you're dead meat just the same, Ed.

Just saying, Ed.

Sorry, Ed.