Do more citizens need guns?

Brutal home invasion caught on tape sparks debate


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ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Welcome back, everybody. This is a warning. I am very serious about this warning.

We're about to show you video of an extremely violent home invasion. A man breaks into the home of a woman and her kids, the three-year-old watching the violence unfold right in front of her, the mom is beaten senseless.

A second warning. I mean this. This video is graphic, but to tell the story properly, we need to show you what happened.


BOLLING: The town is a mile from my home, middle class neighborhood. The door was locked.

The perp broke the glass door, violently attacked the mom in front of her three-year-old daughter, robbed the home, threw the mother down the stairs. That dirt bag is still on the loose.

Home invasions are increasing at an alarming rate. We ask, do we want to make it more difficult for law abiding moms and dads to protect our families, our homes, our kids? And, hey, gun control advocates, if that was your wife, or your mom, or your sister, you want to take the firearm out of their hands?

Kimberly, you're a single mom. This has to scare the living daylights out of you.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: It's awful, you feel so vulnerable. She's there with her child, the child has to witness it, which is traumatic, for the child to see this, feel defenseless to not understand what's going on. That's your home. Probably doesn't want to live there the rest of her life. Every time she walks past that stairway, tries to go downstairs, she's going to remember this.

Now, this is why I am in favor of strict laws in terms of situations like this. A home invasion robbery, you go into someone's home, if you have a weapon on him, that's going to provides --

Eric BOLLING: That man's fist was his weapon.

Greg, let me talk to you about that.

GUILFOYLE: We put him away longer is my point.

BOLLING: Does this not make the case for easing gun control laws instead of increasing them?

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Completely. Imagine if there was a vitamin that reduced chances of being a victim of violence, vitamin G. That's gun. Most recent government study, this is the biggest study right now, showing defensive use of guns by victims is as common as guns used by criminals, between a half million and three million used every year.

Also, studies show defensive use of guns lowers your injury rate compared to victims who don't have guns. She pulled out a gun. If she shot that jerk, she wouldn't be as injured, and as far as I'm concerned, that guy should be dead.

If he had entered a house that had -- somebody had a gun, he would be dead.

BOLLING: Bob, I am with you. Dana, hang in there a second.


BOLLING: Bob, you want to respond to the gun issue.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: My opposition to the issue with handguns is to be able to wear them out on the street without having -- you don't have to conceal them. I have no problem with somebody having a gun in their home to protect their home. That's always been the case. I've doubted whether this woman could have gotten to a gun in time.

GUILFOYLE: But there was a period of time he went upstairs.

BECKEL: I don't have a problem in your own home being able to have weapons to protect yourself. My problem is carrying them into the community at large and jeopardizing other people.

BOLLING: Dana, you want --

PERINO: Well, I agree, maybe she would not have been able to get one, but if the perpetrator had even for a second thought that she might have had one, then maybe he wouldn't have done this horrible thing.

Plus, this is a responsible person. The reason we have the video, she had a nanny cam. The reason you have a nanny cam is to be sure the child is well looked after by the nanny. So, this is a responsible person that would do the right checks. I would imagine.

It is a horrible video. Violence like that you see in a movie is different from seeing it raw like that, it really is upsetting.

BOLLING: I will tell you, this happened about a mile from my house, my wife called me, said you have to see this video, I saw it, we got to talk about it.

GUILFOYLE: In a nice neighborhood, too.

BOLLING: In a middle class neighborhood, the door was locked, guy kicked through the door. It can happen -- the point is it can happen anywhere. This guy is still on the run. Here is the New Jersey tip line.

GUILFOYLE: Turn him in.

BOLLING: A $20,000 reward. I think that number is going to go up.

GUILFOYLE: By the way, really quick, this guy, you might have picked up something, because when you do something that bold, you're usually a recidivist, you've done a home invasion or this bold robbery, not pick pocketing someone on the street.

BOLLING: And last thought. My wife literally said we have a Kimber and we have shotgun, she said, I think I am going to learn to use those guns.

BECKEL: Greg sent a copy of this survey about guns. Two things struck me. One, in your homes, people tend to use them a lot to defend themselves. It's not as much out in the street. Secondly, the down side of it, didn't you say where there are guns in the house, suicide rates go up?

GUTFELD: Well, they said there's a dramatic link between gun purchase and suicide but that could be because people buy the gun intending to kill themselves.

BOLLING: We're going to leave it there.

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