Grapevine: Unlikely heat in Alaska

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Insider Threat Program

The McClatchy News Service reports, the Obama administration has something called the "insider threat program."

McClatchy says, President Obama signed an executive order 20 months ago encouraging federal employees to snitch on each other.

And they can be punished if they don't.

Government workers are told to be sensitive to a co-worker who may be going through a divorce or financial difficulties or some other life experience.

The concern is such an employee may be more likely to give information to the press or to foreign governments.

Baked Alaska

A strange weather phenomenon is gripping Alaska -- heat and sunshine.

Temperatures in the upper 80's have created a run on fans, as Alaskans -- most of whom do not have air conditioning -- struggle to beat the heat.

Other sights normally not seen in the 49th state -- sunbathers, swimmers, and reports of wild game -- like moose -- taking advantage of lawn sprinklers and kiddie pools.

Rocking the Boat

Now a Friday Follow, on yesterday's report about the disputed rank of Cap'n Crunch.

As we told you, some folks believe the Captain's uniform proves he's actually a commander, not a captain.

Well, many of you wrote in, arguing he has every right to call himself a Captain because he is the commanding officer of his vessel the S.S. Guppy.

Well, in our tireless pursuit of truth, we raised the question with Fox News Military Analyst and retired Navy Captain Chuck Nash.

He says -- quote -- "This is not a cereal case of stolen valor...It is long-standing Naval and Maritime custom that the commanding officer of a Navy ship, boat, or submarine, or the Master of a commercial ship or boat is called captain...If you are the Commanding Officer then you are the Captain!"

So there you have it. Case closed.