Common Sense

Cavuto: Words matter...backing them up matters more

Why Americans flock to superheroes


I said at the start of the show there's a reason why "Man of Steel" packed them in.

We're desperate for any leader to just step up.

But that doesn't mean he has to have X-ray vision.

Just vision, will do.

Someone who sees the big picture and gets the little stuff.

Little stuff like telling the truth.

And sticking to your word.

You don't have to be made of steel to do that.

Just show something approaching a steely resolve and you're already on your way to that.

My mom used to say, just do the things you say.

And she was no super hero. Just an Irish immigrant, who believed, like her Italian husband, that words matter.

Backing them up matters more.

That's the essence of "Truth, justice, and the American way."

All that used to be our way. Our parents' way. Our grandparents' way.

Sometimes I think we contort ourselves to be something we're not.

When most folks are drawn to those who just are.

Just are honest. Just are real. Just are themselves.

It doesn't take a super hero to admit a series of scandals is wrong. Just a human being to say how you plan to make things right.

Just like it doesn't take a guy with a cape to stand for a cause.

Any lowly politician counts if he just stands for anything.

Like the one who says he'll cut spending and does.

Or belatedly discovers the excess and waste in a healthcare law and just admits he goofed.

Human beings are very forgiving.

We all make mistakes. What we find irksome are those who claim that they do not.

That doesn't mean we want idiots for leaders.

Just that we admire leaders who admit idiotic mistakes.

So they don't compound those mistakes.

It's sad some of us have to flock to theaters to see an actor playing a hero, standing for something.

But it's not at all surprising, given all the politicians worldwide playing games, and doing nothing.

I guess that's why my tongue-in-cheek altar super hero resonates.

A lot of you will take your heroes--even your lumpy, frumpy, far from figure-forming ideal ones.

Anywhere you can find them.