Common Sense

Cavuto: Scandals come to light for a reason

Government assumes we'll forget


I always think scandals come to light for a reason.

Obviously, because something bad has happened.

But also, to see what we're going to do about it, about them. All of them.

I think those who perpetrate scandals hope--not much.

That we'll get hot and bothered, for a while, but only for a while.

I hope they're wrong.

Because taking the politics out of all this, focus more on just the creepiness of all this.

Not a single scandal. But what has become scandalous.

Leave the agency involved out of it.

Focus on the fact it's the United States government doing it--all of it.

Collecting phone records.

And e-mail records.

And health records.

And tax records.

Maybe you're just shrugging your shoulders. Maybe you're just saying I'm nuts.

Go ahead and argue they're doing all this to protect us.

Even say this is the price of technology enjoyed by all of us.

Look in the mirror and say you don't mind one bit all the other faces looking back.

That's really what this is about right now.

Just how much intrusion we can take right now.

Or whether we'll just forget this nonsense not too long from now.

That's what government hopes, I suspect.

That these annoying peon citizens will get all peeved, but move on soon.

To their barbecues, and baseball games, and the everyday distractions that are a part of life.

Forgetting all the while the government over-reach that threatens that life.

They're assuming we'll forget, and that's where all this is going.

Let's show them that if they think our memories are that short?

They've got another thing coming.