Common Sense

Cavuto: This is all just a big act

Is our data safe?


They have our phone records, but insist they have no intention of using them.

They have our emails, but say they don't plan on reading them.

They have our bank records, but have no intention of ever releasing them.


So relax, now.

Maybe it's just me, but isn't this all a little unnerving?

That under the guise of keeping us safe, they're keeping all this info on us in a safe place, just in case?


This isn't the Patriot Act.

This is all a big act.

Convincing us we should be pleased they're taking an abundance of caution, even as they rifle through more than just an abundance of our personal stuff.

Think about the millions of Verizon phone records now sitting at the NSA.

You can't tell me one curious cubicle gnome there gets a bee in his bureaucratic bonnet about any one of us, he doesn't do a little snooping on his own there?

And don't tell me that can't happen. Because it already has by a 29-year-old kid, who we're told couldn't have had this access but did.

But even if he did stumble upon it, could never leak it, but has.

So forgive my doubts if NSA types are saying they'd never release this stuff.

Isn't that what IRS agents said about tax leaks, and then a bunch of Romney donors were stuffed?

What's to stop a grunt who's just curious, to take some voyeuristic fascination in your emails, and just read them?

Or my tax returns and just peruse them?

Whether they ever see the light of day, just knowing it all sits out there for any imbecile with a badge to rifle through and make his day?

Not good.

That's what's at stake here.

Not if this stuff ever gets released.

That it sits in some idiot's computer, just a point and click away for him to read for anyone to read.

Beware of politicians who say your data is safe.

If they have it. By definition, I am telling you, it is not safe.

And neither are we.