Common Sense

Cavuto: What has happened with Apple?

Company need to get its 'mojo' back


They say bad news comes in three's.

For Apple, more like three hundreds.

I mean, is it me?

Or does it seem like Apple can't get out of its own way?

The latest letdown?

Losing a huge patent lawsuit to archrival Samsung, the same Samsung against whom apple had scored only months ago a billion-dollar judgment.

But now seems enmeshed in a bitter, drawn-out struggle that Apple can't afford to lose.

What the heck has happened to Apple?

It's gone from cool to fool faster than me rifling through a Ponderosa buffet.

And full disclosure here, I say this as a decades-long Apple shareholder.

I love the company, and I love its products. I just don't love what's been happening to the company and what's been happening to its products.

It and they have lost their cachet--their coolness.

Maybe this was inevitable after the death of Steve Jobs.

Maybe Samsung and its array of Galaxy phones, including the incredibly hot S4 device that apparently can do everything but make your breakfast is just eating Apple's lunch.

I don't know.

This much I do.

Apple has lost its cool. Its must-have status.

No wonder it's now considering cheaper iPhones.

The days of Apple charging whatever it wants, because they know you'll want it more are over.

And unless Apple gets that magic back, you can stick a fork in this fabled phenomenon now.

Because when people think you've lost your mojo, more things happen to confirm you've lost your mojo.

Sales slip, products get bad reviews, competitors' sales soar, and their products get good reviews.

And suddenly the world that was your oyster has slammed shut on your future.

I'm not saying it's too late to pry it back open. I am saying if Apple doesn't move fast--

It's done--open and shut oyster case.