Common Sense

Cavuto: We should all say 'enough'

Bad service coming out of Washington?


You know what makes crises fester?

When the people who created them don't really care if they fester.

That's when a contract is broken.

When simple service breaks down.

The contractor who says he'll call you back, but doesn't.

Another who swears he'll never over-charge you, but does.

Still another, who says he'll show up at 2 p.m., but calls to say he's not going make it at 5 p.m.

Lately, I've seen a lot of this behavior myself. Up close, and shall we say, not too personal.

Contractors, who for all I know, might be very good at what they do, but don't make me feel very good, so I don't let them do.

One guy had this incredibly arrogant attitude.

Deemed a fix-it job I wanted him to correct, was someone else's fault, so it wasn't on him, and wasn't for free.

For me, money wasn't the issue.

This guy's can't do attitude was.

I'm not saying such attitude is common.

But is it me, or is a good attitude increasingly uncommon?

Because I don't know about you--

But I actually stop in my tracks when a salesman calls back to see if I liked the car after i bought it.

Or the contractor returns to check something out, just because he was worried about it.

I think a lot of the problems we have today are because so few take pride in what they do today.

From the concierge who doesn't care about the wrong room he shoved you in.

To the drive-thru worker who knew she screwed up your order before you drove out.

To the hotel guy in one Hurricane Sandy town that gouged customers right after the storm and now wonders why he has no business all these months after the storm.

Bad service is bad service.

And bad service is contagious.

Why any of us puts up with it is outrageous.

From anyone anywhere any time. Saying one thing. But doing nothing.

The administration that promises transparency.

Then explains itself like this.

Or the former acting IRS commissioner who cavalierly dismisses legitimate questions like this.


Could you be a more condescending ass?

Because he's not just blowing a congressman off.

He's blowing us off.

His salary-paying customers off.

Doesn't that set you off?

It should.

Think about that the next time a government official won't talk.

That's like the contractor who won't return your call.

The light's blinking.

And no one is home.

I'm telling you--enough.

Because it's way past the time we all go through--

The roof.